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Enjoy the marvelous scenery of “Shakkei”

Okochi Sanso Villa

Ohkouchi Sansou Villa
Have you heard of “borrowed scenery” before? It is one of the garden styles in Japan called, “Shakkei” in Japanese. If you are interested in it, Okochi Sanso Garden in Arashiyama area is really worth visiting! It was originally the private villa of the famous actor, Denjiro Ohkouchi (1898-1962), who appeared in films of ancient series. The villa more than 30 years to finish constructing. There are so many flowers and trees that are planted in the premises  such as cherry blossoms and maples. Sin...morece it is located close to both Mt. Arashiyama and Mt. Ogura, you can enjoy looking at the garden with both of their magnificent sceneries which makes the scene more beautiful and also majestic.

So, what is Shakkei? it is the landscapes from the background of the garden in which you are in. Okochi Sanso Garden is also a strolling garden called, "Chisen-kaiyu-shiki" in Japanese so that you can see the amazing views while walking everywhere! As it is like a small mountain and the path is so rough, please wear trainers shoes in order not to stumble down.
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If you would like to feel a lot of natures, Ohkouchi Sansou Garden is really worth visiting!! You can see the different sceneries at the same site. Personally, I really like the view from the top! When I visited there, No one on there so I spent my time for a long time looking at! The entrance fee is ¥1,000 for adult. However, it is included the ticket for Matcha and a piece of Japanese Wagashi that you can enjoy at Matcha-an (tea room) ! Why not eat and drink after strolling?
Must See !
It is a must-see not only because it's the main building in the site, but also because the design of its architecture is really unique! Several traditional forms of Japanese residential architectures are united: Shoin style (the Buddhist abbot’s study room), Shinden style (aristocratic residence), tea room, and more are inside one building. Please try to look back when you are in front of it! You must be amazed the first Shakkei with Mt. Arashiyama and Mt. Ogura!!
The view of famous mountain chain
Must See !
The View Of Famous Mountain Chain
On the middle of the path between Daijo-kaku and Jibutsu-den, please stop to look over the breathtaking view of mountains in Kyoto! If it is a sunny day, Mt. Hiei, Mt. Kinugasa, Mt.Daimonji and the pagoda of Ninna-ji Temple can be seen in the distance from there. I really hope that you can see the scenery clearly and take some photos as one of your memorable things in Kyoto.
Don’t give up going up to the top!
Must Do !
Don’t Give Up Going Up To The Top!
The Mt. Arashiyama gorge will encounter your eyes as you go up to the top! Words won't be able to describe it all…it is just extraordinary! A lot of natural colored trees are blooming each season as if it was heaven! You can see the Hozu River in the gorge as well. Why not try to take a deep breath!
Look over the cityscape of Kyoto at Gekko
Must Do !
Look Over The Cityscape Of Kyoto At Gekko
The wooden bench is available so as to overlook Kyoto city with Mt.Hiei. Please take a break there, and let’s compare this with other views in the site! It starts going down from there. There are still good scenery points on the downslope. Don’t forget to take care and be careful when taking footsteps.
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Please do not enter any restricted area nor eat any food.
Ohkouchi Sansou Garden appearance Photo
Okochi Sanso Villa
Categories Japanese Gardens, Scenery
Phone +81 75-872-2233
Address 10, Sagaogurayama Tabuchiyamacho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8394
Directions 15-minute walk from Keifuku Line Arashiyama Stn.
15-minute walk from Sagano Line Saga-arashiyama Stn.
Hours 9am - 5pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Open everyday
Fee Junior high school students and over ¥1,000 (included with matcha, a piece of Japanese Wagashi, and a postcard)

Elementary school students ¥500
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The English brochure is available at the entrance. Nobody speaks English, but a staff is very friendly. There are sign boards in English so that you can stroll through smoothly.
Information Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese, basic English
Okochi Sanso Villa +81 75-872-2233 Junior high school students and over ¥1,000 (included with matcha, a piece of Japanese Wagashi, and a postcard) Elementary school students ¥500 -1/3

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