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A temple with tranquil atmosphere in the business district

Rokkakudo Temple

/ 六角堂
Rokkakudo Temple
Karasuma area is known as a business district in Kyoto and it is usually very busy. However, if you come to Rokkakudo Temple, you may feel the tranquil and calm atmosphere in the center of this busy district. This temple was established by Shotoku Taishi who was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan. It is also known as the birthplace of Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement, as a famous monk dedicated arranged flowers every morning and night. There are many pretty...more jizo, the guardian deity of children, in this temple, so please check them out!
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I personally like this temple as I could feel the tranquil moment in the center of a business district in Kyoto. In spring, cherry blossoms start to bloom beautifully and you may enjoy the beauty of them in the calm environment. Since it is close to Manga museum, Nishiki market and Nijo castle, please visit there when you are around!
Main hall of the temple
Must See !
Main Hall Of The Temple
It is a main hall of the temple where you can pray. When you visit here in early morning, you can hear a monk chanting while hitting a wooden block. In the middle of the temple, there is a bowl of incense where smoke is coming out. If you would like to put an incense for praying, please put coins to the box and take the incense.
Rokkakudo Temple
Must See !
The name of Rokkakudo is originated from the figure of this temple as it looks like a hexagon (rokkaku) when you see it from above. To see the overview of this temple, please use an elevator on West 18, the building next to it. As the elevator is glassed-in, you may have fun looking at this unique figure from above!
Draw your fortune
Must Do !
Draw Your Fortune
As Rokkakudo Temple is famous for pigeons, the figure of fortune slips is a pigeon. You can bring the pigeon figures back to your home. As it is so cute, you can put it in your room as well. The fortune slip indicates the fortune in ranges from Daikyo (a great misfortune) to Daikichi (an excellent luck). If it was a bad luck, it is better to tie it in the tree as it is believed that you can receive a power from deity of the temple and shrine.
Must Do !
Enjoy Cherry Blossoms
In spring, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in this temple! In the center of a business district, you may feel relieved by looking at cherry blossoms in a tranquil atmosphere. It is beautiful to see this cherry blossoms in a historical temple. Please visit there when you are around!
Appearance Photo Rokkakudo
Rokkakudo Temple
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Phone +81 75-221-2686
Address 248, Donomaecho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8134
Directions 3-minute walk from Karasuma-Oike station on Subway Karasuma Line (Exit 5)
Hours 6am - 5pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed None
Fee Free
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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There is a short English description of this temple on the wall of a main temple
Information There is a short English description of this temple on the wall of the main temple
Languages spoken Japanese only
Rokkakudo Temple +81 75-221-2686 Free 2/3

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