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Seimei-Jinja Shrine

- 晴明神社 -
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Feeling the spiritual powers of a famous astronomer
Seimei-Jinja Shrine where a famous astronomer, Seimei Abe is worshiped was established in 1007 near Kyoto subway Imadegawa station. He was a Onmyo-ji that is a expert to do a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology. Since mainly, he had extremely good knowledge of both astronomy and fortune-telling that used to be a leading edge of studying in Heian period, some aristocracies perfectly trusted him. When his follows listened to his beliefs, they found that they were able to avoid bad things. So, when he passed away in 1005, Seimei-Jinja Shrine was started constructed by the ordering of the Emperor Ichijo on the place where Abe lived. Hence, today, it is believed that if you visit and pray at the shrine, unfortunate things that could happen in the future will not become true. Now. his history is told in manga, movie and so on. There are several attractions for good luck are offered in the shrine. Please visit if you have some concerns in your future!
Hon-den (main hall)
Hon-den (main hall)
Seimei Abe is enshrined at Hon-den. A lot of the seals of pentagram called Gobosei in Japanese are decorated on the building. Abe used it whenever he did a fortune telling. Although there are a lot of visitors in the site, the atmosphere around the hall is very silent and solemn as if it was protected by the power of him. Please try to pray in order not to get a bad luck!
Former Ichijo-Modori bridge
Former Ichijo-Modori bridge
The current Ichijo-Modori bridge is built and reached on the Horikawa river located in the south of the shrine. Modori means return. So there is a superstition related with the bridge in which if people who are planning to get married walk across it, their marriage may lead to divorce. Avoid returning to a life before marriage. Please only look at this or your marriage would be failed! Although the bridge in the shrine is built with a lot of pieces of original bridge, it doesn't matter that you across it!
Drink the Seimei water to get power !
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Drink the Seimei water to get power !
It is called Seimei-I (well) that is laid-out pentagram. It is believed that if you drink Seimei water, it treats your sickness! The direction of the tap is moved by a staff one year each according to the good direction of that year so as to drink the water with the best luck!
Try to touch Yakuyoke-momo
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Try to touch Yakuyoke-momo
The reason why the statue is shaped as a peach is that it is a fruit that symbolizes of good luck in Onmyo-do (a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology). So it is said that by touching a part of your body in which you feel a pain while touching the peach statue at the same time with your other hands will make your pain disappear. The charm of the peach is available at the souvenir shop in the site!
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please respect the solemnly atmosphere of the shrine
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"This shrine is dedicated to the onmyoji Abe no Seimei, and is said to be good for driving off evil. At the temple you can see the mark of the temple everywhere, which is a pentagram! You can feel something almost futuristic at this shrine, and altough it is small there is a lot to see!"
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As someone who liked metal music in high school, seeing the shrine of the pentagram was a moving experience. I also had to get their stamp book, it of course has a pentagram on the cover. The feeling of the shrine is a bit queer, but in a good way. Definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.
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Seimei-Jinja Shrine / 晴明神社
Category Temples & Shrines
Phone +81 75-441-6460
Address 806, Seimeicho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 602-8222
Directions 12-minute walk from Subway Imadegawa Stn.
Open Hours 9am - 6pm
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Open everyday
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The Chinese website is available. Staffs in the shop speak some English. The site is not that large. So you enjoy the shrine even if you don’t have enough time!
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese, basic English

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