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Showcasing seasonal beauty in the Zen garden of Taizo-in

Taizo-in Temple (inside Myoshin-ji)

/ 退蔵院
Taizo-in Temple
The oldest of the 46 sub-temples within Myoshin-ji, Taizo-in Temple is open for the public to visit the beautiful zen garden and the display of famous drawing by Josetsu, an artist who popularized Chinese art. The drawing is called, “Hyounenzu” which features a man trying to catch a catfish (namazu) with a gourd-shaped container (hyotan). Check out the namazu and hyotan symbols throughout the temple like at the entrance of the garden or in the original goods that are sold inside. Taizo-in is a p...moreopular spot to see the cherry blossom trees during spring time and the maples leaves during autumn season. There are special admissions during the spring and autumn season, so check their website for more details.
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Taizo-in is one of several sub temples within Myoshin-ji. The temple is worth the visit especially if you love koi fish. The garden is beautifully maintained, and during spring season, the sakura trees blossom attracting many people. They also have special tours during spring and autumn. Reservations are accepted online, so I recommend checking out their website for more details.
The pond
Must See !
The Pond
Check out the guard-shaped, or hyotan-shaped pond. Once upon a time, several namazu catfish were released in the pond, but now several koi fish stands out swimming freely in the water. The pond is surrounded by beautifully maintained garden which includes seasonal plants that flourish according to season.
The rock
Must See !
The Rock
At the entrance of the garden, you will be approaching this large rock in the ground. It is said that a whole rock was cut in half, and that half of a rock is what’s being buried to the ground. Right after you step through this entrance with the enormous rock in the ground, you will find a beautiful sakura tree right in your front of your sight. Experience an amazing entrance to the beautiful Zen garden of Taizo-in.
Pour the streaming water
Must Do !
Pour The Streaming Water
You must find this streaming water shown in the picture. What is amazing about this little water fall is that when you pour some water with the ladle straight into the rocky ground, it makes a unique sound as water flows down. You must try it out to find out for yourself!
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please do not step on the wooden platforms with your shoes on.
Taizoin Appearance Photo
Taizo-in Temple (inside Myoshin-ji)
Categories Temples & Shrines, Japanese Gardens
Phone +81 75-463-2855
Address 35 Myoshinji-cho, Hanazono Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Directions 7 minute-walk from JR Sanin Hanazono Stn
Hours 9am - 5pm
Reservations Accepted
Closed No regular holidays
Notes The private Buddha hall (Hon-do) is closed to the public except during special temple tours such as during spring and autumn season. Check their website for more details.
Fee General admission ¥500
Children (under 15 years old) ¥300

Special viewing (with English guidance/ 30 min.) is available for groups of more than 10 persons ¥1,000
*Please note that English tours require reservation.
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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English pamphlet is available
Information Japanese and English
Languages spoken Japanese only with occasional English tours
Taizo-in Temple (inside Myoshin-ji) +81 75-463-2855 General admission ¥500 Children (under 15 years old) ¥300 Special viewing (with English guidance/ 30 min.) is available for groups of more than 10 persons ¥1,000 *Please note that English tours require reservation. 3/3

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