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Learning Japanese tea ceremony and its history in English!

Tea Ceremony Room Ju-An

Tea Ceremony Room Ju-An
Located near Kyoto Station, Tea Ceremony Room Ju-an offers a tea ceremony by a tea host in English. The tea host is very kind, thoughtful, and also very knowledgeable in Japanese tea history. Before the session begins, she will kindly tell you to sit comfortably during the session, though guests usually sit upright in the correct manner on a Japanese tatami mat. The tea host will teach you the brief Japanese tea history and the manner of tea ceremonies. It is very interesting and easy to underst...moreand, so you will most definitely enjoy participating in her lesson.
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I certainly enjoyed the very organized tea ceremony with the tea Host in English. Since she will answer the questions during the session, please feel free to ask what is curious to you. As this tea ceremony room is very quiet based on the teaching of Zen, you may enjoy listening to the sound of tea making. We highly recommend Tea Ceremony Room Ju-an as you can experience making tea by yourself!
Tea Ceremony Room Ju-An
Must See !
Enjoy The Tea Ceremony By The Tea Host
In the beginning of the tea ceremony, the tea host will teach you the brief  history of Japanese tea ceremony and its manner in English. Then she will begin the tea ceremony while explaining each manner and its meaning. Since it will be held in a very quiet atmosphere, you will enjoy listening to the sound of tea making.
Learn the Japanese tea history
Must Do !
Learn The Japanese Tea History
What is great about this tea ceremony besides the kind explanation of Japanese tea history is that the tea host will ask you if you have any questions regarding the manners and meanings of the tea ceremony. Since she will politely answer the questions, please feel free to ask about what you are curious about.
Enjoy Matcha tea
Must Do !
Enjoy Matcha Tea
You may have two chances to enjoy matcha tea during the session. The tea served during the session is called, “usucha,” a light taste of tea, whereas the other kind of tea is called, “koicha,” a richer and thicker taste of tea. First you will be served the matcha tea (usucha) that the tea host will make. Then, you will taste the one you make by yourself! You may find the differences in the taste between two matcha teas!
Tea ceremony room Ju-an Appearance PhotoTea ceremony room Ju-an Appearance Photo
Tea Ceremony Room Ju-An
Categories Cultural Experience
Phone 090-1138-4480
Address Ryokan Ginkaku, 709 Higashishiokojicho
Directions 5-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station
Hours Sessions are held hourly between 11am to 5 pm
*Each session lasts about 50 minutes
Reservations Please make a reservation on the official website
Closed January 1-3
Fee ¥2,000 per person
Children up to 12 years old are half price
Children below 6 years old are free
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The tea ceremony is held in an elegant and zen dedicated chashitsu thus providing tourist an exceptional opportunity to visit and experience the Japanese tea ceremony in a genuine and unique tea ceremony room (chashitsu) as those found in temples and shrines in Kyoto.
Information English
Languages spoken English and Japanese
Tea Ceremony Room Ju-An 090-1138-4480 ¥2,000 per person Children up to 12 years old are half price Children below 6 years old are free 3/3

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