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The Uji River is a place where you can still see people fishing using cormorant birds

Uji River

/ 宇治川
The Uji River which flows through Uji city, dividing the area into two parts, is one of the symbols of Uji. Its prominent position shapes the beautiful landscape of the town and provides opportunities for repose and recreation. Most of the city’s attractions are within walking distance from the river. River cruises and cormorant fishing, in which trained birds are used to catch fish, are popular summer activities. Especially cormorant fishing, which takes place at the Uji River from around middl...moree June to late September, is a highlight!
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The scenery from the bridge is beautiful and the wind is comfortable. My favorite is the Asagiri Bridge. I love its vivid color. When I was standing on the bridge I could see cormorant cages but I didn’t get to see them fish. I would like to see cormorant fishing next time!
Must See !
Uji Bridge
The main bridge over the Uji River is the Uji Bridge. It has been destroyed and replaced many times. The Uji Bridge is well known for its frequent mentions in the Uji chapters of the Tale of Genji, an 11th century work of a fiction. It describes life in Heian period Kyoto.
Asagiri Bridge
Must See !
Asagiri Bridge
This vividly colored bridge is the Asagiri Bridge. It stands out most, but it's the newest one among the three bridges over the Uji River. The monument of the Tale of Genji is on the bridge, please check it out! The Asagiri Bridge is also convenient as a shortcut to Byodo-in Temple.
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- Manner & Tips -
There is a lot of traffic on the Uji Bridge. Please be careful when taking pictures.
Uji Bridge
Uji River
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