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Lost in thought with magical sceneries through the window


/ 雲龍院
A super miracle view of a garden through the window is offered in Unryu-in Temple. You can get experience the beauty of the Japanese garden is in there. The temple was found in 1372 by the order of Emperor Go-kogan. Chikugan Shoko was its founding abbot. It is located in the south of its head office, Sennyu-ji Temple where is near Tofukuji station. It is also well-known as the place of the oldest Buddhist ritual copying of sutras. The best things of all in the site, there are various ways of loo...moreking at the garden through the Japanese traditional windows called Shoji. The chairs are put on the each room in order to look at from the best angles.
Shikishi window at Renge room would be the first impressive place where you could be fascinated by four different views through the one window at the same time!
Matcha with a small original Japanese sweet is offered and you can choose where to eat among several rooms for ¥900 (included in the entrance fee).
Enjoy Matcha while looking at the gorgeous garden!
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I personally recommend you drinking Matcha in Unryu-in Temple! Although you need to pay extra fee for it, you could be far more enjoying their garden with drinking it!
There are five kinds of rooms in the temple. You can choose the room for drinking Matcha! I promise you will become a big fan of this temple with the garden!!
Renge room
Must See !
Shikishi no Mado (window) at Renge room
Please have a seat on a Japanese cushion which is put on the left side in the Renge room and you can be looking at the four scenes for the garden through each square windows called Yukimi Mado. Camellia, Japanese lantern, maples, and a pine tree are beautifully fit in the frames. This wonderful view is available just only when you sit on there, which no one including a gardener realized until the recently. So this is an exactly miracle scenery!
Chokushi-mon gate
Must See !
Chokushi-mon gate
The gate is exclusively for the Japanese Imperial family.
A tree that is planted on the left side of the photo is a symbol of the prince Hisahito of Akishino who is third in line to become the Japanese Emperor.
There is a custom that when a baby was born in the Imperial family, a symbol tree is given with his name. A Japanese umbrella pine called Koya-maki is his tree.
Since there are some photos are displayed in the site, please check them out!
Satori window
Must Do !
Satori window
It is told that a round window is a symbol of the Zen world.
There is a chair in front of the window in order to look at the seasonal flowers blooming.
The rectangle shaped window on the right is called Mayoi window, which expresses a pain and suffering in your life.
Both of them would make you rethink of your life!
Try to meditate while looking at them!
Dragon on a folding screen
Must Do !
Dragon on a folding screen
A dragon painted in a Indian ink on a folding screen is exhibited.
Let’s try to see from the right side to left !
Mysteriously the length of the nose of the dragon seems to be longer from the left side angle than when you see it from the right.
It will catch your eyes as you come into the entrance.
Unryu-n Temple_Appearance Photo
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Phone +81 75-541-3916
Address 36, Sennyuji Yamanochicho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0977
Directions 10-minute walk from city bus Sennyuji-michi stop getting off.
Hours 9am - 4:30pm (5pm close)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Open everyday
Fee ・Entrance fee: ¥400
・Entrance fee with Matcha: ¥900
・Entrance fee with Matcha and a lesson for a copy of sutras: ¥1.500
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The English brochure is available at the entrance.
Information Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese only
Unryu-in +81 75-541-3916 ・Entrance fee: ¥400 ・Entrance fee with Matcha: ¥900 ・Entrance fee with Matcha and a lesson for a copy of sutras: ¥1.500 -1/3

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