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Learn the art of confectionery from real pastry chefs

Yoshihiro’s Kyoto Style Confectionery Class

/ よし廣
Held four times a day
Yoshihiro’s Kyoto Style Confectionery Class
This classroom, organized by sweets shop Yoshihiro, lets you try your hand at making your own wagashi. Professional sweets makers will guide you in the art of this craft. Once you finish, you can enjoy the experience of having tea along with the two sweets (of two styles) that you made. The workshop concludes with a group photograph and a diploma. At about 75 minutes long, this course lets you enjoy not just the pleasure of eating, but the joy of making something yourself.

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Follow the instructor’s guidance and try your hand at sweet making! Get too wrapped up in chatting with your friends while you work, and you might just miss a vital step!
See sweets chefs crafting sweets by hand
Must See !
See Sweets Chefs Crafting Sweets By Hand
Get a chance to see how the teachers of this course craft wagashi in a miniature performance. Their deft strokes and the resulting confection are a pleasure to see.
Wagashi tools
Must See !
Wagashi Tools
In addition to dedicated confectionery tools, spoons, chopsticks, and other familiar items are also used. If you’re interested, be sure to ask the experts what other implements they use.
Try making wagashi yourself
Must Do !
Try Making Wagashi Yourself
Watch the instructor and follow along to make two types of sweets. Instructions are provided in English, but if you get stuck, make sure to stop and ask for guidance – don’t just try to plod along.
Enjoy your sweet with matcha tea
Must Do !
Enjoy Your Sweet With Matcha Tea
After you finish making your sweets, enjoy it along with other sweets for sale with some matcha. The feeling you’ll experience after making something yourself and then sampling it, can’t be beat.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Do not take any photos and touch other things while making Wagashi because of sanitation while you are making of it.
Yoshihiro’s Kyoto Style Confectionery Class
Categories Cultural Experience
Phone +81 75-811-5602
Address 22, Nishinokyo Higashigekkocho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8422
Directions 5-minute walk from JR Line Nijo Stn
Hours 9:15 / 11:00 / 13:30 / 15:15
Reservations Advance reservations are required, but same-day reservations are also available
Closed Irregular holidays
Notes Class Time: Approx. 75 min. Class Size: 2 to 75 participants.
Please Take off your shoes and change into scuffs.
Fee ¥1,890 (children ¥1,575)
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Instructions are written in English
Information Japanese and English
Languages spoken Japanese only
Yoshihiro’s Kyoto Style Confectionery Class +81 75-811-5602 ¥1,890 (children ¥1,575) 3/3

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