Daitokuji-natto, special fermented soybeans to mix with your home town gourmet

Daitokuji-Natto Honke Isoda

/ 大徳寺納豆本家 磯田
Daitokuji-Natto Honke Isoda
Daitokuji-Natto is completely different from Natto, Japanese sticky and stinky fermented soybeans. It is brewing product made from miso and soy sauce mainly and you can have it over the year as a preserved food. Originally it was brought to Daitokuji-Temple from Tan period in China. Combined with sweet salty taste are really suitable for sakeholic obviously. It is one of ingredient for vegetarian dishes in the Temple. Including valuable protein for especially monk. Daitokuji-Honke-Isoda introduc...moree the way, how to eat it to all people to be interested in.
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I had heard just name of Daitokuji-natto, but I tried having it when I visited there to write an article for this site. I am planning to get it to give my family as a souvenir. It is because my farther love drinking with salty food. In addition, Although the shop is a small, appearance and interior are the place where this is Kyoto.
When the owner is packing your food, they would serve green tea. This kind of hospitality makes me feeling so nice.
Recommend !
Daitokuji-Natto / ¥760 / 80g | ¥1,300 / 150g | ¥1,840 / 220g
A bit salty and Miso flavor is getting stronger at last.
Chewy and soft texture is an addictive taste.
It expresses the shape of mountain.
There are many way to eat it. With rice, pour soup after mashed it or put it on pizza and pasta instead of salt interestingly. Try to use it as a seasoning. It is in a luxury box and great for souvenirs.
Recommend !
Higashi / ¥620 in 12 | ¥1,250 in 25
3 types of sugar confectioneries you can enjoy.
Simple sugar, Cinnamon and Matcha.
It must be brilliant with tea, coffee or Japanese green tea.
All of them are in Daitokuji-natto.
Recommended that it is used as a sugar when you make meals.
Check it out !
Jako-natto / ¥980 / 90g
Jako means dried baby sardines.
Boiled with special soup of soy sauce, kelp and a bonito and mixed with Daitokuji-natto alike.
Japanese people love having these with rice when we are tired of making dinner or get energy easily.
How to buy
Please note that Jako-natto is not for sale every day. If you fairly would like to get it, you need to reserve before you visit.
- Shopping Tips -
Daitokuji-Temple is in front of the shop, and good to stop by.
daitokujinatto honke isoda appearrance photo
Daitokuji-Natto Honke Isoda
Categories Food Souvenirs
Phone +81 75-491-7617
Address 41 Murasakino-Shimomonzencho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi 〒603-8215
Directions 2 minute-walk from Daitoku-ji-mae stop by Kyoto city bus #205
Hours 9 am – 7pm
Closed New years day, Jan. 2nd and 3rd until noon.
Notes This shop is not a cafe or restaurant. You can not have any food in here.
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Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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English leaflet is available to foreign visitors who don’t know what they are.
Information Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services None
Daitokuji-Natto Honke Isoda +81 75-491-7617 2/3

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