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Honda Miso Honten

- 本田味噌 本店 -
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Mild sweet white miso continuously loved in Kyoto since 1830
Tucked in the side roads near the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, this Miso shop creates delicate tasting miso keeping their traditional methods as well as creating innovating products. The first-generation master brewer, Tanabaya, was recognized for his skills and the miso he created began to be used in the Imperial Palace. Since 1830, Honda Miso has been loved by people all over the nation and abroad. The same miso is even used in high-end Japanese restaurants overseas. You can feel the presence of this miso shop that it must had then (there are artifacts displayed in the store of things like wooden passes that they used when entering the Imperial Palace) and the strong existence that it currently still has.
Ichiwan Miso - tofu
Ichiwan Miso - tofu / 195 yen
An innovative instant miso soup that is made with freeze-dry technique. It’s easy to make, just break apart the dry wheat gluten shell, put it in a soup bowl or cup then pour in about 160cc of hot water. Wait for 1 minute, stir, and enjoy! There are four different types of “Ichiwan Miso”: Nameko no Akadashi-shiru (red miso with nameko mushrooms), Aburaage no Fukusa-shiru (mix of red and white miso with deep-fried tofu pieces), and Tofu no Akamiso-shiru (red miso with tofu), and Beni ko-ji (miso with red ko-ji or rice malt).
Sai-kyo Shiro Miso
Sai-kyo Shiro Miso / 500g 600 yen
The name, “Sai-kyo,” was mentioned in regards to Kyoto city when Tokyo became the capital of Japan and Kyoto was often called the western capital. This delicate white-miso have subtle sweet taste with low sodium and often used in dishes like Ozoni, soup made with mochi and vegetables often enjoyed during New Years. The sweet taste of white miso is preferred by many people of Kyoto while red miso is more common in eastern part of Japan.
Yuzu Miso
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Yuzu Miso / 120g 300 yen
Saikyo Shiromiso, or white miso, is used in this Yuzu Miso which can be easily used in sauces or condiments. This sweet taste of white miso with refreshing yuzu combination is popular among many customers. This pouch packaging makes it very easy to use and store. It’s suggested to keep it in the refrigerator after opening.
Le martin de miso Chocolates
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Le martin de miso Chocolates / 1,080 yen
Even with over 180 years of history of this shop, the innovations keep coming. Le martin de miso are chocolate made with miso and well-matching ingredients like yuzu, apricot, and sesame seeds. When sugar was quite precious in Japan, Saikyo miso, or white miso, was once used as a sweeter instead. Because of this, white miso naturally became a great match in creating sweets like chocolate. There are also financier cakes made with miso available in the store.
How to buy
All the products are available to be tasted before purchasing.
- Shopping Tips -
Take your time and enjoy the variety of both traditional and modern products! Make sure to do some tasting first, and then choose your selections.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.5
This is a long-standing miso shop that is located very close to the imperial palace offering carefully made, high-quality miso. There are so many different type of miso here and all are available for sampling. I loved seeing the historical artifacts that they display, it's something only long-running shops are able to do. I recommend stopping by here!
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Honda Miso Honten / 本田味噌 本店
Category Seasonings
Phone +81 75-441-1131
Address 558, Muromachi-dori Ichijo, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions Take the subway (Karasuma Line) to Imadegawa Station. The store is a 10 minute walk from the No. 6 exit.
Open Hours 10am - 6pm
Closed Every Sunday
Price range
Credit cards Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Ask for the information sheet in English if needed
Information Japanese, English
Lanuages spoken Japanese
Shipping services Domestic only

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