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Nioi-bukuro(scent sachets) customized by the kimono-clad staff


/ 石黒香舗
“Ishiguro-Kouho,” established in 1855, is the only shop in all of Japan specializing in nioi-bukuro. Nioi-bukuro are small sachets filled with scented materials. You can enjoy their aromas by placing them anywhere, from your closet, to your car, to your purse.
Ishiguro-Kouho sells products that are based on traditional nioi-bukuro, with added modern designs and usability. The designs cover a wide range, from chic, traditional Japanese patterns, to adorable animal motifs. Of course, the range al...moreso includes practical items, and items that make for great décor.
We recommend the shop’s customization service. The kimono-clad staff will customize a nioi-bukuro in accordance with your tastes. It’s great fun just to choose favorites from among the many sachet and string designs. We’d love for you to take an item packed with the fragrances of Japan as a souvenir of your travels here when you go back home.
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The shop is located on Kyoto’s shopping street, Sanjo-dori street. It’s a must for people who like fragrances! You can put your favorite scents in a sachet and take them with you. There are so many sachet designs that it’s fun just to choose. Chatting with the kimono-clad staff is a treat, too!
Customized nioi-bukuro
Recommend !
Customized nioi-bukuro / ¥378~
The staff will customize a nioi-bukuro on site to your liking. First, you choose from among various types of sachets and strings. After that, you take your pick from 7 kinds of scented materials. The price can vary depending on your choice of sachet and string.
*In addition to customizable nioi-bukuro, pre-made items are also available.
Nuno kougou
Recommend !
Nuno kougou / ¥1,620
These are small pouches. Twist it until the middle part opens up. You can enjoy fragrances by putting scented materials inside. They also make great cases for things like rings and earrings.
Kaori charms
Check it out !
Kaori charms / ¥1,944
These charms have a hook for attaching to bags and the like. After picking out your favorite design, you then choose which scented materials to fill the charm with. The pouches feature cute designs, such as animals and flowers.
How to buy
Ishiguro-Kouho How to BuyIf you’re not sure which item to choose, you can tell the staff about your tastes. If you have time, we recommend having a seat in the shop and letting the staff customize a nioi-bukuro for you.

Ishiguro-Kouho How to BuyThere are 7 kinds of scented materials you can put in your nioi-bukuro. You can sample each fragrance by opening the jar.
*The upper three jars in the photo are the herbal fragrances. The lower four are aromatic woods.
- Shopping Tips -
If you have a nioi-bukuro whose fragrance has faded, you can bring it in for a refill. (Fee required.)
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Ishiguro-Kouho Appearance Photo
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Phone +81 75-221-1781
Address 72, Masuyacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8111
Directions ・6-minute walk from Subway Karasuma Line Karasuma Oike Station
・8-minute walk from Hankyu Line Karasuma Station
・12-minute walk from Keihan Line Sanjo Station
Hours 10am-7pm
Closed Wed
Notes The store interior is on the small side. When the store is crowded, please wait your turn to make a purchase.
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
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Some parts of the menu are in English
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Languages spoken Japanese, Basic English
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