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Izawaya Honten - Main Store -

- 井澤屋本店 -
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A kimono accessory shop where you may meet a real Gion Maiko
Izawaya is a kimono accessory shop located near Gion’s Hanami-koji street, famous among many tourists. The shop’s principal charms are its colorful designs and high-quality wares, all made using traditional Kyoto techniques. Its bags are made of Nishijin-ori kimono sashes, a truly superior kind of silk goods. The shop’s shelves are lined with many more gorgeously designed goods of very high quality, from kimono sashes to handkerchiefs and pouches. From its founding in 1985, not only Kyoto inhabitants but also people from all over Japan have come flocking to this shop. Even today, Kyoto’s Geiko and Maiko shop here often. Izawaya is also not content to color within the well-defined lines of Kyoto design. The shop often tries out new things, from rhinestones on its bags to kimono sashes with Christmas motifs. And with some luck, you will meet some of Gion’s Geiko and Maiko there.
Aoi Bag
Aoi Bag / Various
This bag is made of Nishijin-ori, the luxurious silken kimono sashes that are a hallmark of Kyoto textile production. Combine it with a kimono, or use the handles when pairing it with Western-style clothing. Pockets on both sides of the bag’s interior make it easy to stash or recover small items such as cellphones or cards. The Aoi Bag’s elegant Kyoto design may catch the eye, but its true value lies in its ease of use.
Mini embroidered gauze handkerchief
Mini embroidered gauze handkerchief / ¥580
These gauze handkerchiefs come embroidered with maiko and famous sights of Kyoto. Thanks to their small size, these handkerchiefs are easy to slip into the collar of a kimono. The gauze is soft and breathable, making it ideal for removing sweat from skin. You will find these handkerchiefs easy to clean: they barely wrinkle in the wash and do not need to be ironed.
“Kosuzu” two-zipper pouch in embroidered silk crepe
3Check it out!
“Kosuzu” two-zipper pouch in embroidered silk crepe / ¥2,700
A two-zipper pouch made of silk crepe, embroidered with bells. Silk crepe has an uneven surface that feels comfortably rough to the touch. This pouch has a large and a small pocket, both closing with zippers. A notebook and pen will fit in the larger pocket, while the smaller pocket in the front is ideal for storing handkerchiefs or tissues. Everything you need fits into this one handy pouch. The embroidered bells are charms both against evil spirits and for good luck in business, so make sure to always keep this pouch with you in your bag.
Shin shioze-obi
4Check it out!
Shin shioze-obi / ¥22,680-
This fabric is used to tailor kimono sashes (obi). It is made of polyester, but perfectly replicates the luxurious qualities of silk! Choose between elegant motifs of blooming flowers appropriate for every season, or playful Christmas patterns that are sold during the winter only. This fabric displays the beautiful obi designs that have always been used to offset Japanese kimono.
How to buy
If you do not find the product you are looking for in the store, try asking the staff. The item may still be in stock.
- Shopping Tips -
The staff stands ready to explain in English the many ways in which you can use the shop’s products. For example, the Aoi Bag can be used not just with a kimono, but also to accessorize a party dress.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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This long established zakka store is in Gion. The store is by Shijo-dori Street, the same street that goes all the way to Yasaka Shrine, so the store is easy to find. Their Japanese zakka with Japanese designs on them are really cute, and they don't only sell towels and bags but they also sell folding fans and business card holders.
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If on your way back from Yasaka Shrine you start to lust after bags made out of kimono cloth, this shop has you covered! The products here are also really cute so they should make good souvenirs.
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Izawaya Honten - Main Store - / 井澤屋本店
Category Kimono / Yuzen
Phone +81 75-525-0130
Address 211-2, Nakanocho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0075
Directions 1-minute walk from Keihan Line Gionshijo Stn.
Open Hours 11am - 8pm
Closed Open everyday
Notes There are two different methods of combine shin-shiose cloth into a kimono sash. The prices for cloths combined using each method are as follows: Nagoya-shitate (¥7,560), Bunka-shitate (¥9,720). Ask the staff for more information.
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
This shop has English-speaking staff. They take great care to serve each customer individually. The shop is easily accessible from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station, being only one minute on foot from Exit 1.
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English
Shipping services Not accepted
URL http://www.izawaya.co.jp/

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