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Long-lasting, durable, easy-to-use bamboo chopsticks


/ かめやま
Ninenzaka is the area near Kiyomizu Temple where you will find a line of souvenir shops. This shop is located in the corner. It sells bamboo chopsticks and other small bamboo items. The bamboo chopsticks made by craftsman are very special—lightweight but not slippery, and they all sell for only ¥1,050 or less, but last a long time. In addition, the kitchen chopsticks are a popular item, even among professional cooks.
We hope that you will find your favorite chopsticks here, and then use them wh...moreen enjoying Japanese Cuisine.
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Whether your chopsticks skills are poor, or whether they are good, when you buy chopsticks here, you will want to use them soon, I should think!
Bamboo chopsticks
Recommend !
Bamboo chopsticks / ¥390~
We want you to actually pick them up and find out how good they feel in the hand. Decorated chopstick rests and chopsticks sets (¥1,800) are also available.
Chopstick rests
Recommend !
Chopstick rests / 1piece¥160~¥350
These chopsticks "pillow" holders come in shapes such as eggplant or gourd. Because they are small, you can even buy in bulk for use as souvenirs.
Bamboo skewers (mini-size)
Check it out !
Bamboo skewers (mini-size) / ¥864
The skewers’ cute decorations add a touch of glamor to small items of cooked food.
Bamboo drinking cups
Check it out !
Bamboo drinking cups / ¥700~¥1,200
These drinking cups are lightweight and have a wonderful texture. Because bamboo does not conduct heat, the drink stays hot or cold longer.
Can be used for hot or cold drinks.
How to buy
kameyama how to buyStarting with bamboo chopsticks, we recommend that you choose products that you have actually picked up and felt. This is because even when chopsticks are made with the same bamboo, their feel can differ markedly depending on their shape. If you can’t tell the difference even when picking them up, then choose the item with a color and pattern that please you.
- Shopping Tips -
Bamboo products should not be washed in the dishwasher, but washed by hand. They will last longer if you also dry them immediately after washing.
kameyama appearance photo
Categories Tablewares
Phone +81 75-541-0874
Address 363, Masuyacho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0826
Directions 14-minute walk from Keihan Line Gionshijo Station.Or
From the JR Kyoto Station, take the 206 line city bus and in 20 minutes you will arrive at the integrated Higashiyamatori - Kitaooji bus terminal, and from the Higashiyama-Yasui stop, it is an eight minute walk.
Hours 10:30~17:30
Closed Irregular holidays
Notes There are only one or two shopkeepers, so a purchase may take time when the shop is crowded.
Price range
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  • ☆
¥1,000 ~ ¥2,000
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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No information in English is available.
Information Japanese only
Languages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services Not accepted
Kameyama +81 75-541-0874 ¥1,000 ~ ¥2,000 2/3

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