Beauty starts from the hair – Moisturize with natural Tsubaki (Camellia) oil

Kazurasei Gion Honten - Main Store

Kazurasei Gion Honten - Main Store
Many women around the world believe that their hair is the most significant part of their personal image. Kazurasei, specializing in hair accessories, elegantly provides products that help beautify people.

From Tsubaki, or Camellia, oil to hair and kimono accessories, the main Kazurasei store in Gion have array of products that are popular among diverse people including locals, tourists, and Geisha of Kyoto. Tsubaki oil is believed to be a gift of nature with its valuable moisturizing propert...moreies. At Kazurasei, original procedures are used carefully in creating variety of cosmetic products with Tsubaki oil.
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Tsubaki oil is a natural oil used for moisturizing. It`s very versatile! Many people use it to moisturize hair and skin. New products are available also such as BB creams. The solid perfume is so cute! I really love the Japanese style container. I think these cosmetics products make great gifts and souvenirs! It is interesting to see all the accessories for Kimono that are also available here!
Focusing on products for hair, this store is very popular among women! There are both items that are reasonable to items that are more on the pricey side. Guys, items from this store will be great gifts to give to your loved ones! I recommend the hair ornaments. The flower design ones are nice and colorful. There are many varieties of hair ornaments available at this store.
Tsubaki Oil
Recommend !
Tsubaki Oil / ¥1,600,¥1,800 for dispenser bottle
There are many uses of Tsubaki (Camellia) oil. This natural oil can be used as moisturizer for hair and skin as well as for cleanser and massaging oil. This versatile oil is one of their bestselling products. Several products including the bottles of Tsubaki oil of the Goto Islands, located south-western part of Japan, are available only at this Gion store and Rokkaku store.
Boxwood Comb
Recommend !
Boxwood Comb / Varies
Traditionally made with boxwood, these combs are of high quality. The boxwood material portrays elegance and natural beauty. Also check out the hair brushes made with high quality boxwood and beautiful comb cases.
Kaoru Tsubaki Oil
Check it out !
Kaoru Tsubaki Oil / ¥3,300
Kazurasei has been specializing in hair products since 1865. With the current demands, new products are created with the same elegant essentials of Tsubaki oil. The Kaoru Tsubaki oil has added aromatic scents. Also products like BB creams and pressed powder are available. One of their newest products is an all-in-one gel cream. All products have the moisturizing properties of Tsubaki oil.
Solid Perfume
Check it out !
Solid Perfume / ¥1,200
In a cute and elegant packaging, the solid perfumes have base scents of wild rose, Sandalwood, and citrus fruits. It also contains organic essential oils and pure original Tsubaki oil. The Lip Balms, available in Tsubaki or Green Tea and Tsubaki, are also recommended.
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Information is available in English and Chinese if needed.
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The idea of beautification starts from the hair. Try using Tsubaki oil in your hair and go through it with the Boxwood comb or brush.
Kazurasei Appearance PhotoKazurasei Appearance Photo
Kazurasei Gion Honten - Main Store
Categories Cosmetics, Traditional Crafts
Phone +81 75-561-0672
Address 285, Giommachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0073
Directions 5-minute walk from Keihan Shijyo Stn.
Hours 10:00am-7pm
Closed Wednesdays
Notes All of the products make great gifts! No need to worry about instructions since you can ask for English or Chinese instructions on most products.
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Information available in English and Japanese
Information English and Chinese
Languages spoken Some English speaking staff
Shipping services Yes - within Japan
Kazurasei Gion Honten - Main Store +81 75-561-0672 2/3

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