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/ 公長齋小菅
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Kohchosai Kosuga specializes in manufacturing and selling bamboo items that add a touch of elegance to everyday life. This shop’s concept is to raise the value of bamboo. The appeal of bamboo craft is expressed in a simple and stylish way through cooking utensils and interior decorating items. In particular, the spatulas of  a MINOTAKE cutlery brand are a single tool that  can be used for many different applications. Their unique shape is very eye-catching. The long history of using bamboo for m...moreaking tools in Japan began in the Jomon period(1,400BC-300). It has been used when building Japanese-style homes and making chopsticks, but Kohchosai Kosuga has devised many new uses for bamboo. They develop products in collaboration with outside Japanese designers and a design studio in Denmark to expand the world of bamboo items, both traditional and modern. We hope you will check out these items that embody the potential of bamboo.
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Inside Kohchosai Kosuga, there are about 500 varieties of bamboo items on display, and the space has a feeling of natural warmth. One merit of bamboo is that it grows without chemical fertilizers, so it is environmentally friendly and safe for the human body. It can safely be used as a material for utensils that are put in the mouth, like forks and spoons. Someday it would be nice to buy a full set of tableware here and live a life surrounded by bamboo.
Recommend !
Original kitchen tools / ¥756-
Original kitchen tools by Kohchosai Kosuga. Bamboo is durable and has high microbial resistance, so it is well-suited as a material for cooking utensils. There are muddlers, sugar tongs, measuring spoons, and many other items, but the rice spoons are recommended. They are used for serving rice into bowls, and you should try using one when you make rice back in your home country if you get the chance. They can also be used for stirring stir-fry meals.
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Spatulas (MINOTAKE cutlery) / ¥1,296-
Spatulas created by a famous designer, Mr. Makoto Koizumi. This one tool can be used for many different purposes like scooping, cutting, stirring, and more. The tip of the spatula is designed with a curve that lets you reach into the corners of jars of jam, etc. They can also be used to cut butter, or as an ice cream spoon.
Flower basket
Check it out !
Flower basket / ¥2,376-
Flower baskets that take advantage of bamboo’s flexibility. Bamboo is woven into a ball and a glass flower vase is placed inside. This brand goes for simple and modern designs, so that the products will match all kinds of flowers. There are many different designs and sizes available, so try imagining where you want to put it in your house while picking one out.
Flower basket
Check it out !
Copenhagen collection / ¥1,620-
This tableware collection created in collaboration with the Danish design studio OeO. They mix Scandinavian design with Japanese techniques, spreading the appeal of bamboo-work around the world. The round trays in the background of the photo can not only be used for carrying things, they can also be enjoyed by using them to put accessories, or objects. These items offer superior beauty and functionality.
How to buy
Kitchen  and interior decorating goods are clearly separated into different corners based on their uses, so it is very easy to figure out. You can also get a leaflet in English that carefully explains how to take care of bamboo items.
- Shopping Tips -
They offer free gift wrapping, so be sure to request it for that souvenir for someone special.
The first thing to catch the eye when you enter the shop is the kitchen and tableware with their modern designs. They are displayed to make each item look appealing, so the delicacy of the bamboo items really shows.
Kohchosai kosuga Interior Photo
In the back of the shop there is a corner with flower baskets, handbags, and the like. The balance of light and shadow from the indirect lighting creates an elegant ambiance.
Kohchosai kosuga Appearance Photo
Kohchosai Kosuga
Categories Tools & Kitchenwares, Traditional Crafts
Phone +81 75-221-8687
Address 74, Nakajimacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8004
Directions ・3-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Stn.
・3-minute walk from Keihan Line Sanjo Stn.
Hours 10am - 8pm
Closed Open everyday
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, etc. / Accepted
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English-speaking staff is always present. Not only will they help you with the tax exemption procedure, they also offer international shipping service.
Information Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese, English
Shipping services Accepted by EMS service
Kohchosai Kosuga +81 75-221-8687 -1/3

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