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Kyotaru - Shopping Mall Kyoto Porta

- 京樽 Porta店 -
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Take out fresh sushi right in the Kyoto station!
Located right in front of the JR and Subway gates, this shop offers various kinds of sushi boxes, maki, the sushi rolls, and rice balls. If you imagine the price of sushi, it is usually expensive. However, this shop offers fresh and delicious sushi at a reasonable price. As there are varieties of sushi selections, it may take a while to decide what you would like to order. Staff are all kind and friendly, so please feel free to ask any questions regarding the ingredients.
Asagi (Nigiri Sushi for two)
Asagi (Nigiri Sushi for two) / ¥1,620
If you are wondering what kind of sushi you would order, this is what we recommend! This is for two people and there are 18 pieces of sushi inside of the box. My personal favorite is a shrimp as it is very juicy, and chewy texture gives more flavors in your mouth. Wasabi, the Japanese horseradish, and soy sauce would come along with this box but if you would like to have more, please ask the staff so that they can give extra as you want!
Zuwaigani-don, a bowl of rice topped with crab
Zuwaigani-don, a bowl of rice topped with crab / ¥972
If you are not familiar with “Zuwaigani-don”, this is a bowl of rice topped with crab. There are several kinds of bowls of rice topped with sashimi, but our recommendation goes to Zuwaigani-don. You may be satisfied by its volume and also by the taste of this bowl of rice. The crab is well seasoned and matches well with rice underneath. Ikura, the red caviar, on the right side of this box gives more flavors to this Zuwaigani-don.
Maki, the sushi roll
3Check it out!
Maki, the sushi roll / ¥152 - ¥411
If you visit this shop, the first thing comes into your sight is probably this display. There are more than 10 kinds of maki rolls at this shop and they have all different tastes. If you don’t mind eating Natto, fermented soybeans, I would recommend you try it. We also suggest that you try salmon salad maki as salmon’s mild taste and fresh taste of salad fit very well.
Bottle of green Tea
4Check it out!
Bottle of green Tea / ¥130
As this shop doesn’t have a table to eat, you need to find a place. If you eat around Kyoto station, it is very convenient that you can buy a bottle of green tea here. Green tea and sushi goes perfectly well, so we recommend that you get it if you buy one of the sushi in this shop.
How to buy
You can simply point what you would like to order.
- Shopping Tips -
If you don’t know the ingredients inside, please feel free to ask the staff.
3.5 goods3.5 service3.5 fun3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 goods3.5 service3.5 fun3.5
I was amazed by its various kinds of sushi selections! I come often after my work as this shop opens till 9pm and they still offer a very fresh sushi. If you want to add more Wasabi, or reduce it, please simply as them so that they would do what you want! I recommend that you bring it back to your hotel and eat it.
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Kyotaru - Shopping Mall Kyoto Porta / 京樽 Porta店
Category Food & Drinks To Go
Phone +81 75-343-6601
Address Porta, 902, Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8216
Directions In the underground Shopping Mall Kyoto Porta directly linked to Kyoto Station.
Open Hours 8am - 9pm
Closed Open everyday
Notes Please note that this shop is only for takeout.
Price range
¥152 - ¥2,000
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Also 銀聯 (China UnionPay)
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Staff are very friendly, so if you have any questions, please ask them
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services No
URL http://www.porta.co.jp.e.sd.hp.transer.com/shop/souvenir/6110/#a5864

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