Enhance the natural theme of your interior design with these bamboo goods

Kyoto Sanjo Takematsu

/ 京都三条 竹松
This store carries kitchenware and other goods all made with bamboo. It’s popular among local restaurants in supplying goods for their businesses, usually used to serve Japanese cuisines. Not limited to kitchenware, Takematsu offers other goods made with bamboos like weaved interior goods, handbags, and even carved bamboo stamps. The shop is very easy to access as it is located 2-3 minute walk from train Subway Sanjo Keihan Station.
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If you are near the Sanjo bridge (near Keihan Sanjo Station), check this store full of bamboo goods. I really like the coasters that they have. There are also chopsticks there and some of them are really thin. The staff told me that the thin ones are particular kind of chopsticks made to eat Kyoto cuisine.
Recommend !
Coasters / ¥800
These coasters are beautiful with small detailed designs and available for ¥800 each. .It would be a great idea to pick out different designs or buy few of the same ones to use at your own table. Just having some bamboo tableware easily brings out a natural theme into your interior design.
Recommend !
Chopsticks / Varies
There is a good selection of chopsticks at this store with various designs like the one with twisted top that’s quite unique. Also check out some chopsticks with very thin tips that are popular to be used when eating Kyoto cuisine to reflect elegancy of the Kyoto culture.
Weaved Bamboo Boxes
Check it out !
Weaved Bamboo Boxes / Varies
The simple designs of weaved bamboo boxes are very appealing. There are also bamboo weaved boxes that’s you should definitely check out. Different types of weaving methods are used like ajiro method. It’s fascinating to see the skills of the craftsmen through these products.
Sake Server
Check it out !
Sake Server / ¥2,600~
Serving sake in a bamboo server is visually elegant that everyone will sure to be amazed over. Cold sake goes quite well with a bamboo server! Don’t forget to get some bamboo ochoko to go with it as well. Also check out the bamboo whisky cup with black bottom pictured next to the server.
How to buy
Look carefully at the weaves on some of the products. For example, some weaved bamboo boxes include two different weave types for inside and outside that’s amazing to look at.
- Shopping Tips -
Non-coated bamboo wares are considered fragile when under air-conditioning especially during the winter season.
Takematsu Interior Photo
Takematsu Appearance Photo
Kyoto Sanjo Takematsu
Categories Tools & Kitchenwares
Phone +81 75-751-2444
Address 39, Sanchome, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0005
Directions 2-minute walk from Subway Higashiyama Stn.
3-minute walk from Sanjo-Keihan Stn.
Hours 10am - 6pm
Closed None
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Credit cards Accepted
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Information Japanese
Languages spoken Japanese
Shipping services Not available
Kyoto Sanjo Takematsu +81 75-751-2444 -1/3

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