Many varieties of soap made with Kyoto's natural ingredients

Kyoto Shabonya

/ 京都 石鹸屋
Kyoto Shabonya
Kyoto Shabonya is a shop that sells soaps made with traditional Japanese ingredients from Kyoto that are all natural. Anyone from babies to people with sensitive skin or the elderly can use these soaps without worries. The soaps are made in Kyoto by artisans, and there all kinds of shapes, colors, and fragrances, so it is fun just to look around. All of the soaps they sell can also be tried out in the shop. We hope you can find a soap that matches your skin type and tastes.
In addition to soaps...more, they also carry a variety of skincare products, such as hand cream. All of them are made with natural ingredients.
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This shop is recommended for people who have troubled and sensitive skin! If you use soap made with natural ingredients, it might help clear up your skin troubles. Also, if you buy and use one of their special sponges, you can make a creamy lather. Be sure to check out the products made in collaboration with famous hotels and other companies.
Maiko Soap
Recommend !
Maiko Soap / ¥540
This soap is made with the white bran that maiko used to remove their makeup in the old days. It cleanses pores and moisturizes skin, leaving it smooth. It has a cute design, and gold foil is sprinkled on top of the soap. It makes a great souvenir as well.
Jurakudai Soap
Recommend !
Jurakudai Soap / ¥3,240
This soap is made with Jurakudai sake, produced by the Kyoto sake maker Sasaki Shuzo. The compounds contained in sake are said to be good for your skin. It has a creamy lather than moisturizes skin. The fruity aroma is another highlight.
Kyo no otokomae
Check it out !
Kyo no otokomae / ¥1,620
Part of the Aroma soap series. Kyo no otokomae is soap recommended for people with oily skin. It is made with bamboo charcoal produced in Kyoto, so it has a black color. It unclogs pores and is also effective at reducing body odor. It has a refreshing mint scent.
How to buy
Kyoto Shabonya How to buySome products have English explanations. There are pamphlets in English. Think about your skin type and your preferred color and shape before choosing your soap.

Kyoto Shabonya How to buyYou can try out soaps at the washbasin inside the shop. If you find a soap that interests you, be sure to try it out.
- Shopping Tips -
We recommend buying one of the shop’s original soap dishes to go with your soap. Kyoto Shabonya’s soap dissolves easily in water. The shop’s original soap dishes have good drainage, so your soap will last longer if you use one.
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Kyoto Shabonya How to buy
Kyoto Shabonya
Categories Cosmetics, Zakka(miscellaneous goods)
Phone +81 75-257-7774
Address 55 Masuyacho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu
Directions 5 minute-walk from Kyoto city subway Karasumaoike Station
Hours 10am - 7pm
Closed Open everyday, *May be closed without notice
Price range
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, etc. / Accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Some parts of the menu are in English
Information English website is available.
Languages spoken Basic English
Shipping services Not accepted
Kyoto Shabonya +81 75-257-7774 3/3

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