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Spacious Environment That Will Remind Us That Shopping is Not a Task, but a Moment That Can Be Relaxingly Enjoyed

Kyoto BAL

Kyoto BAL
Like stepping into a hotel in a middle of downtown, this stylish yet comfortable Kyoto BAL offers stores targeting people of all generations. Their roomy layout allows shoppers to look around effortlessly. From stores like KOTOSHINA offering organic cosmetics using Kyoto Uji Tea leaves to American fashion brand, Theory, each store projects personality and quality well fit for the style of Kyoto BAL. After an exceptional remodeling, Kyoto BAL re-opened its doors on August 2015. Many locals would ...moreagree that the 2 years and 7 month long remodeling was well worth the wait.
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The book store inside Kyoto BAL must have the biggest selection of English books in Kyoto! The books are easy to find, and I even found some chairs to sit which is quite unusual for a book store in Japan. I enjoyed the Hawaiian music in the background throughout the building. Shopping in here is really fun!
I think Kyoto BAL is very luxurious! I took one of their floor guide booklet at the entrance, and I really liked its quality. I noticed how spacious everything is from the roof to the size of the shops. Especially after walking around, shopping can be little tiring. I could easily take a break at one of the cafes inside Kyoto Bal and continue looking around all of the wonderful shops.
Looking around for interior goods, shopping for English Tea, choosing a perfect aroma oils, taking a break reading a book at a cafe... there are so many things that I like in Kyoto BAL I can spend the whole day here!
Layout and the Design
Recommend !
Layout and the Design
With the sense of both luxury and everyday lifestyle, this shopping building truly feels comfortable to shop in. Each store projects its own characteristics creating this shopping building be adored by all members of a family.
Maruzen Book Store
Recommend !
Maruzen Book Store
The book selection is phenomenal in this underground book store. Books (in both Japanese and English), magazines, stationaries and even a café will be found in the two floors. The rich history of Maruzen in Kyoto dates back in 1872 opening its door for the first time. Closures, store moving, and openings occurred repeatedly throughout the years. With the reopening of Kyoto BAL, the Maruzen book store opened once again after 10 years of closed doors in Kyoto.
Cafes Throughout the Shopping Building
Check it out !
Cafes Throughout the Shopping Building
What makes this shopping building pleasurable to stay for hours is the variety of cafés and stands in almost every floor. In the first floor you will find DAVID OTTO JUICE and Hawaiian Island Coffee. As you go up the floors, you will find a clothing store equipped with a café such as MARGARET HOWELL SHOP & COFFEE, Café&Meal MUJI, or RH CAFE.
The Size of Each Store
Check it out !
The Size of Each Store
While the building can hold up to about 100 stores, the actual number of stores in Kyoto BAL is 33. Stores such as Ron Herman and Mujirushi Ryouhin (Muji) each takes up one whole floor. Because of this, each store is spacious giving enough room for shoppers to feel remarkably comfortable.
How to buy
BAL how to buyYou can see the details of their incredible renovation of this shopping building. One point to see is the restrooms throughout the floors. Fourth floor restroom area is exclusive for women equipped with a perfect powder room.
- Shopping Tips -
Only some store offer tax free for foreign visitor. Ask the store for more details.
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Kyoto BAL
Categories Fashion Buildings
Phone +81 75-223-0501
Address 251 Yamazaki-cho ,Kyoto-City, Kyoto, Japan
Directions ・7-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Stn.

・8-minute walk from Keihan Line Sanjo Stn.

・5-minute walk from city bus Shijo-Kawaramachi stop getting off.
Hours 11am - 8pm (Maruzen open at 9pm)
Closed Irregular holidays
Notes Grab the store floor guide booklet at the entrance. The booklet contains both Japanese and English with detailed image of the store layout.
Price range
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  • ☆
For both everyday life style items to luxury goods
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, etc.
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Floor guide booklet contains English
Information Website in Japanese only
Languages spoken Yes
Shipping services No
Kyoto BAL +81 75-223-0501 For both everyday life style items to luxury goods 3/3

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