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Serving the people of the area with delicious grilled eels, variety of home-made dishes, and fresh clams, you will see locals stopping by to make their purchases. A shop specializing in fresh water fish, Notoshou is placed in a middle of an old shopping arcade. While eel is quite a delicacy for most people, Notoshou sells eel bento at a very affordable price. Just looking at the shop is exciting with their working process seen from the counter. Besides serving to locals on the go, they also prov...moreide their products to vendors around the area.
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I was so happy to find this shop when I was walking by the street that used to be an old shopping arcade. Not many stores remain now, however Notoshou remains in this locations to serve the locals with delicious small-item food and Unagi Bento. Some people buy the grilled Unagi by itself. Unagi is grilled on the spot, and it is so delicious. Best of all, it is affordable!
At Notoshou, you can get eel, which is often expensive, at a reasonable price!
They also cater to several restaurants; therefore the taste is very much approved. The shop is a must see. It’s a role model shop of a fish market that’s familiar to many locals.
Unagi Bento (Eel)
Recommend !
Unagi Bento (Eel) / ¥1,200
Eels are charcoal grilled on sight! You can choose from two sides: regular or large. Pieces of grilled eel are topped on a bed of rice with some delectable sweet sauce. It also comes with some pickles and Sansho peppers. Because it is grilled with charcoal, smoky yet light pleasant flavor. Some customers bring the bento to the near-by river and eat it there while enjoying the sight of nature.
Ebi Mame (Shrimp Beans)
Recommend !
Ebi Mame (Shrimp Beans) / ¥360
Using the small shrimp from Lake Biwa, the shrimp and beans has a sweet flavor, reminding people about taste of home. As people in Japan consider having variety of dishes that goes well with rice as the staple of every-day meals, these already-made dishes are well enjoyed among local people.
Umaki (Omelet with Unagi)
Check it out !
Umaki (Omelet with Unagi) / ¥860
Have you had an omelet with eel inside? Not so unusual in Japan, however, most places normally only carries basic omelet. At Notoshou you can also find eel omelet all ready to be enjoyed. Fluffy egg wraps around their incredible charcoal grilled eel.
The Fish Display
Check it out !
The Fish Display
Although more fish are displayed during warmer weather, several in-season fish are seen swimming inside of the shop. Customers are also seen purchasing fresh water clams, or Chirimen Sansho (Small dried sardines with Sansho peppers).
How to buy
notoshou how to buyCash is only accepted. They may prepare the Unagi Bento after ordering, consider few minutes for it to be prepared.
- Shopping Tips -
For Unagi Bento, choose from normal size, “nami,” or large size “jyo”.
Notoshou Appearance Photo
Categories Food & Drinks To Go
Phone +81 75-551-0256
Address 31 Yumiya-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
Directions ・5-minute walk from Keihan Line Gion Shijyo Stn.
・5-minute walk from Keihan Line Gion Gojyo Stn.
Hours 9am - 7pm
Closed Sundays
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ☆
¥360 - ¥1,650
Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
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  • ○
No signs in English
Information No
Languages spoken Japanese
Shipping services No
Notoshou +81 75-551-0256 ¥360 - ¥1,650 3/3

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