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Oimatsu - Kitano

/ 老松 北野店
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Established in 1908, Oimatsu has been indispensable Japanese sweets shop for people in Kyoto. What is remarkable for Oimatsu is that they offer seasonal sweets such as Natsukanto, summer orange jelly, Yuki-shibori, mashed sweet potatoes for winter and so on. As you see the sweets in Oimatsu, you may picture the scenery from all the sweets- sometimes it is like a mountain, ocean, and snow. Ingredients are carefully chosen and some of the names of the sweets come from Portuguese as they first brou...moreght sugar candies to Japan. Oimatsu also offers an experience class for making Japanese sweets together at their store, so you may enjoy both the taste of the sweets and experience of making them while learning the history of Japanese confectioneries and technique of creating your own sweets!
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Although we have visited Kitano shop this time, there is another shop in Arashiyama with a cafe shop called “Gen-i-an” where you can taste their Japanese sweets with various kinds of Japanese teas. I also highly recommend that you attend an experience class for making your own Japanese confectioneries as you also learn the history of Japanese sweets ( please refer “Note” for more information). My favorite wagashi is Yuki-shibori, mashed sweet potatoes, as it has a light and elegant taste which m...moreelts in your mouth as if you are eating a snow!
I really enjoyed having them, but amazing thing is that mock up for making wagashi are displayed on the wall. I understand why theirs are yummy. It is because that I could see their history to be successful. In addition, they are built beside old Kyoto houses. I am feeling that It is exactly the place where I am in Kyoto.
Ko-ka mochi set (a box of five), Chinese moon cake set
Recommend !
Ko-ka mochi set (a box of five), Chinese moon cake set / ¥1,080
Although Ko-ka mochi, or known as Geppei is originated in Chinese moon cake, Oimatsu arranged it to a lighter taste with dried fruits such as raisins, orange peels and pineapples which make it fresher. The dried fruits are covered by red bean paste and baked it with sweet flour around. This is the most popular sweets in Oimatsu and you can buy it throughout the year. It is soft and a bit crunchy, and it goes well with coffee and tea. We recommend that you buy it as a souvenir as it lasts for a m...moreonth and is convenient to carry around. You can also buy separately and it costs ¥346 each.
Yuki-shibori, mashed sweet potatoes
Recommend !
Yuki-shibori, mashed sweet potatoes / ¥432
This is one of the seasonal sweets that they offer in winter. It expresses a snow ball and gold leaf on top of it gives the elegancy. Yuki-shibori is very soft and it melts in your mouth as if you are eating a snow. Sweet red and white bean pastes are mixed inside and it is just the right sweetness. You can order it with Matcha tea which costs ¥730 in total. Sweet Yuki-shibori and bitter Matcha go perfectly well and you may feel a winter by its taste and looks.
Higashi tsumeawase, Assorted dried confectioneries
Check it out !
Higashi tsumeawase, Assorted dried confectioneries / ¥864
To make the very beautiful dried confectioneries, careful selection for ingredients is taken place. White and yellow sugar sweets are made of rare and valuable sugar called “Wasantou” taken only in Shikoku region. Red, white and green pastel color candies are called “Kohaku” and are made of sugar and powdered agar. They all have a delicate and light taste. Rakugan on top of this picture expresses a mountain. It is a dry confection of starch and sugar mixed and pressed into a pattern. A name of “...moreAriheito”, twisted hard candies with red and white color, comes from Portuguese originated in the history that they first brought sugar candy to Japan.
Shiruko & Kuzuyu set, sweet red bean soup & starch gruel set (a box of five)
Check it out !
Shiruko & Kuzuyu set, sweet red bean soup & starch gruel set (a box of five) / ¥1,700
Shiruko, sweet red bean soup and Kuzuyu, starch gruel are eaten mostly in winter season as they are hot and make your body warm. Oimatsu offers powdered Shiruko and Kuzuyu so that you can bring them back to your home countries easily as a souvenir! Please simply pour a hot water into the powdered Shiruko and Kuzuyu just as this picture shows. They taste light but have rich flavors that last long in your mouth. You can also buy them separately which costs ¥346 each.
How to buy
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As there are some displays at the shop, you can simply point out what you would like to order. If you order mashed sweet potatoes, you can eat it with Matcha tea at the shop (please refer the price at “Recommend”). If you would like to buy some of the sweets as a souvenir, they would gift-wrap them.
- Shopping Tips -
There is an English menu in the back of this shop, so please feel free to ask for it! Staff speak simple English, so you may enjoy a little conversation with them.
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Oimatsu - Kitano
Categories Sweets
Phone +81 75-463-3050
Address Kamishichiken, Kitano, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions 1 minute walk from Kitano-tenmangu Mae stop by Kyoto city bus #50 or #101 from Kyoto station
Hours 8:30am - 6:00pm (Kitano shop)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Arashiyama shop)
Closed Irregular holidays
Notes If you would like to try making your own wagashi, the Japanese confectioneries, there is an experience class at the store. It is held above two guests and takes about one hour. You can choose a time either 10:00am or 1:30pm. Please reserve it 10 days before by phone (Staff speak simple English).
Price range
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  • ☆
¥500 - ¥3,000
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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There is an English menu in the back of the store. It is usually not displayed, so please ask to the staff. Staff speak a simple English, so please feel free to ask any questions.
Information English/ Japanese
Languages spoken Simple English
Shipping services Not available
Oimatsu - Kitano +81 75-463-3050 ¥500 - ¥3,000 2/3

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