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Owl Family Kyoto

- ふくろうの店 京都店 -
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Owl items in the shop where real owls welcome you
There is a shop in Kyoto where you can meet real owls who welcome you with such a sweet behavior. This kind of animal shop is also unique in Japan. In “Owl Family” (“Fukuro-no Mise” in Japanese), you can interact with owls and also do shopping. When you enter the shop, you may notice that the living owl is welcoming you in the center of the floor (Please do not touch the owl. If you join the petting session, you can touch them after the instruction)! There are various kinds of owl items such as post cards, bath items, ornaments and more. They are all pretty and some of the items are designed in the image of the owls in the shop! Please find your favorites!
Postcards / ¥150
There are various kinds of owl postcards in the shelves! These were designed by the designer and each of them has a signature owl of this shop. The vivid colors used on the postcards make them gorgeous and lovely. It may be a good idea to send the postcards to your families and friends in your country from Kyoto!
Bath items
Bath items / ¥1,400 - ¥1,640
If you are wondering what you should buy for souvenirs, we highly recommend these items. There are toothbrush stands, soap dispensers and soap trays. You can purchase them at a reasonable price, so they may be wonderful souvenirs as you may remember the great memories with owls in this shop every time you use them.
3Check it out!
This is an item with owls and Mt. Fuji. As it is a handy size and easy to carry around, we recommend that you get it as a souvenir. The beautiful skeleton owls with different colors go perfectly well with Mt. Fuji.
Key ring
4Check it out!
Key ring / ¥500
This is one of the most popular items in this shop! The eyes of the owl flash and also make hooting sound. As it is quite reasonable, you can make a purchase a lot and give them to your friends in your country!
How to buy
Please bring the items to the cashier or ask the staff in the shop.
- Shopping Tips -
It is nice to note that there is an owl who welcomes you in this shop (please do not take a photo or touch it)!
3.5 goods3.0 service3.5 fun4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 goods3.0 service3.5 fun4.0
I certainly loved this shop! When I entered the shop, the owl immediately came into my sight (Although it is very pretty and calm, please do not touch or take a photo). They work in a shift system with staff (how cute!). There are various kinds of owl items, so please find the one you like!
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Owl Family Kyoto / ふくろうの店 京都店
Category Zakka (miscellaneous goods)
Phone +81 75-221-2060
Address 259-1, Shikibucho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8061, Japan
Directions 3-minute walk from Kawaramachi station.
Open Hours ■ Petting Tuesday - Friday 12am - 8pm Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 11am - 8pm ■ Shop Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8pm Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 10am - 8pm
Closed Monday (Open on the holiday and the shop closes the following day)
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Available over ¥5,000 at the store. NOT available when you pay the session fee
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There are some English tags under the items. Some staff speak English too.
Information English, Japanese
Lanuages spoken English, Japanese
Shipping services Not available
URL http://www.owlfamily.co.jp/

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