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Gentle Odor Free Nail Polishes Made With Shell Powder

Ueba Esou

/ 上羽絵惣
ueba esou
Modernly popular are the Gofun nail polish produced by Ueba Esou which in contrast was established in 1751 as a paint shop in Kyoto. Variety of colors is available with great pigmentation. Check out some of the traditional Japanese colors that were known to be enjoyed for many years. What’s unique about these nail polishes is that from years of experience and technique in dealing with color and paint, these polishes contains scallop shell powder, something that was used for basic white pigmented...more Japanese paint for centuries. Those who cannot take the strong odor that common nail polishes have now can enjoy nail colors as these polishes are water-based, gentle, and odor free.
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The Gofun nail polishes are very popular because of its gentleness of the formula and Japanese traditional colors. I've seen them in the variety of stores before, but it was extra cool because of its historical ambiance. At the shop, you can try out the colors and see how it looks like on your finger nails.
Test Out the Colors
Recommend !
Have a Seat and Test Out the Colors! / -
Inside the shop, you can test out all the colors they have before purchasing. Have a seat and enjoy trying out several colors to see which one looks good on you. By trying it, you can not only check the color on your nails but check the gentleness of the product as they are acetone free and odor free. You can also check the easiness of its removal.
Traditional Japanese Color Series
Recommend !
Traditional Japanese Color Series – KyoKurenai and Ai / ¥1,300
The pink colored “KyoKurenai” and blue “Ai” are some of the popular colors within the Traditional Japanese Color Series. The colors are rich, solid, and attractive when applied on the nails. There are 22 different colors in this series.
Kagayaka Series
Check it out !
Kagayaka Series / ¥1,500
There are 5 different colors in this series. Kagayaka series features colors that sparklingly shine on your nails. These shiny colored polishes are little different from other colors because they do not require alcohol or polish remover to remove them. The color will comes off while in shower or bath.
gofun soap
Check it out !
Gofun Soap / ¥1,500 (4og) ¥2,800 (90g)
Organic natural facial soap produced with a collaboration of Kyoto Shabon soap maker. It contains Gofun, scallop shell powder, and pearl powder beneficial ingredients for the skin. The package is well packaged which makes it perfect for a gift.
How to buy
Try on the nail polishes in the store! Find a color that suits you out of 38 types of colors.
- Shopping Tips -
Alcohol based nail polish remover is also available in the shop. Keep in mind that these cannot be taken on the airplane while nail polishes are allowed.
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Ueba Esou
Categories Cosmetics
Phone +81 75-351-0693
Address 579, Torocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8401
Directions 5-minute walk from Subway Shijo/Karasuma Stn.
Hours 9am - 5pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
Notes Nail polishes are available to purchase online as well. (International shipping charges will apply)
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Credit cards Accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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English website/online shop available
Information Japanese, English
Languages spoken Japanese, English
Shipping services Available with appropriate shipping fee
Ueba Esou +81 75-351-0693 -1/3

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