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Getting more beautiful skin by oil blotting facial paper

Yojiya - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Corner

/ よーじや 京都八条口店
Yojiya - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Corner
Yojiya is well known as a cosmetic product shop in Japan. Among items, oil blotting facial paper is the most loved for a long time. So many tourists buy it as a souvenir in Kyoto. A picture of woman is really popular even in the world. They set up the first shop that is specialized in beauty cosmetics for stage makeup in 1904 in Kyoto. Their items gradually have been spreading out to whole of Japan year by year as the quality of the items are extremely great so that there are a lot of brunches i...moren Japan today. The shop Kyoto station hachijyo exit corner is offering selected cosmetics from full line up such as facial oil blotting, hand cream and more. Most of them are made with natural materials in order to good for your skin. The shop is next to the entrance gate of Shinkansen (bullet train). Would you like to visit until your train comes?
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I always visit the shop when it comes to I send a gift to my friends who live in other countries. It is because that the oil blotting facial paper is really great for everyone. Kyoto station Hachijo exit corner brunch offers the best selections from their all products. If you forgot to buy something at Yojiya other brunches, It is good chance to buy before leaving.
Oil blotting facial paper with cherry blossom extracts
Recommend !
Oil blotting facial paper with cherry blossom extracts / A pack for 20 papers ¥360 (+tax)| 3 packs for 20 papers each ¥1,070 (+tax) | 5 packs for 20 papers each ¥1,780 (+tax)
It is the best items ever in Yojiya.
The limited edition in spring have cherry blossom extracts in the paper.
Enjoy Matcha extracts in summer, and, yuzu (citron) extracts in Autumn.
Facial oil will be taken away clearly and you will get smooth skin!
Everyone must be pleased with it!
Oshiroigami (facial powder paper)
Recommend !
Oshiroigami (facial powder paper) / ¥480 (+tax) for 60 sheets
This is the item that you can reput on your make up easily after using an oil blotting facial paper!
They provide 3 kinds of powder colors, pink, beige, and translucent.
It is easy to bring in your porch with other cosmetics so that you can use it at anytime.
Linen Case
Check it out !
Linen Case / ¥530 (+tax)
Portable case is for oil blotting facial papers.
Inside the case is laminated in order to bring the papers keeping fine.
You can use it as a card case instead.
Why don’t you give your friend oil blotting facial papers in it?
Yuzu (citron) Tsuyaya lip cream
Check it out !
c / Jar ¥860(+tax) | Stick ¥1,200 (+tax) (100g)
Enjoy the fresh fragrance of yuzu itself.
You may feel you would like to eat when you put it on your lip.
It is only used with natural yuzu oil.
Surprisingly, it is not made with any artificial coloring nor fragrance materials.
It makes you relaxed.
How to buy
Just point the items you want
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English and Chinese brochures are available
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Yojiya - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Corner
Categories Cosmetics
Phone +81 75-662-1211
Address Asty-road, Kyoto Station Hachijo-guchi, 8-3, Higashishiokoji Takakuracho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Directions In Asty Road, just near the Hachijo-guchi exit in Kyoto Station.
Hours 9am - 8pm
Closed Open everyday
Price range
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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The shop is provided the brochures in 2 languages. The staffs don't speak English, but they will tell you about the items in basic English.
Information English and Chinese brochures are available
Languages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services Not accepted
Yojiya - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Corner +81 75-662-1211 3/3

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