High quality traditional craft of lacquerware since 1661

Zohiko Kyoto Teramachi Main Store

/ 象彦 京都寺町本店
Zohiko is a reputable lacquerware specialty store established in 1661. The rich history of the shop earned their trust in providing beautiful high-quality products that most people consider as Kyoto-style lacquerware. The line-up of products in the store is just absolutely gorgeous, and it’s worth checking out. Pay attention to the skills of the craftsmen through these pieces. In front of the store, you can see the unpainted wood pieces, a source of material in which lacquerware is made out of. ...moreYou can get a deeper understanding of the efforts it takes for each piece to be made.

Check out the beautiful art painted on some of the pieces. There are classical Japanese prints to elephant motif that represents part of the shop’s name, “zo”. Some pieces use the “maki-e” technique that results in powdered gold or silver on top of lacquer-drawn patterns. The high-quality wood and lacquer gives these products incredible durability and beauty. See how light-weight they are in-person, you will be amazed at these beautiful pieces.
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The store is very beautiful and the pieces are so incredible to look at! These are high quality lacquerware that are lightweight but durable! It's made with wood and goes through many stages until it becomes a finished product. There are products suitable for everyday use to formal use so the prices range.
Tsubomi Cups
Recommend !
Tsubomi Cups / ¥5,500
Great every-day use cups that are designed to easily fit in your hands. You can use it for anything like iced drinks or hot soups. It’s incredibly light-weight and easy to use. There are three different colors available that are all hand-painted.
Cold Sake Cups – 12 Months
Recommend !
Cold Sake Cups – 12 Months / ¥10,000 – ¥12,000
Looking at the beautiful paining inside each of these cups is something you must do in person! Each of the cups in this series represents a month of the year. For example, the November cup has a painting of the autumn leaves. There is an information about each design in English, so please check it out.
Lacquerware Box
Check it out !
Lacquerware Box / ¥22,000
Zohiko carries many lacquerware boxes in different sizes and shapes. They can be used for anything you wish, like for stationeries or for jewelries. This beautiful box is well suited for any precious items to be stored. The paining of golden peacock with shining shell material in the middle is stunning.
“1661” Line
Check it out !
“1661” Line / ¥150~¥1,500
A new line produced by Zohiko called “1661” was just released in 2015. These stationary goods are created with the use of okime, the paintings used to transfer onto lacquerware. It’s something that was only used by craftsmen for making lacquerwares, but with these stationeries by “1661,” you will see these classical Japanese-designed paintings in products that fit perfectly to the modern world.
How to buy
Online store is also available.
- Shopping Tips -
Take a close look at the products and actually hold it in your hands!
Zohiko Interior Photo
Zohiko Interior Photo
Stages of lacquerware in making
Zohiko Kyoto Teramachi Main Store
Categories Traditional Crafts, Tablewares
Phone +81 75-229-6625
Address 719-1 Yohojimae-cho Teramachi-dori Nijoagaru Nishigawa Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-0916
Directions 5-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Stn. (Exit 11)
Hours 10am - 6pm
Closed Closed for New Years holiday
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Credit cards Accepted
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Great shop to see traditional craft of lacquerware
Information Japanese, some English
Languages spoken Japanese, some English
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Zohiko Kyoto Teramachi Main Store +81 75-229-6625 -1/3

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