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A shop that offers a wide selection of heartwarming antiques to enjoy
A lot of people feel that antique items, especially Japanese antiques, are a little intimidating, which can be a barrier for some. So this time we would like to introduce ANTIQUE Belle, a shop that helps bridge the gap for those who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to antiques. We highly recommend that you stop by and see for yourself if you’re curious! The shop itself is only about a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station. ANTIQUE Belle, which isn’t too far from Teramachi Shotengai, is a novel antique shop that carries a wide selection of unique items, including authentic antique items that range from the Edo period to the Meiji and Taisho periods. These antique items, which include old medical and scientific gear, lets patrons experience history firsthand, which is truly extraordinary. The shop is very easy-going and they shy away from pricing things too high, which adds to their charm. Maeda, who runs the shop, says that all of their items are meant to be easy-to-use and practical when it comes to everyday use. Everything they carry is meant to easily fit in with people’s lives, which gives their various antiques a lovely, heartwarming quality to them. As a matter of fact, Maeda also runs a stew restaurant down the same avenue next to Nijo Castle. And, you can see that the shop puts a lot of emphasis on practical antique dishware like sake containers and serving platters. Maeda has a keen sense of style that really shines through in the shops casual and approachable selection of antiques.
Charming wooden plates with exotic patterns
Charming wooden plates with exotic patterns / ¥2,500
Here we have a beautiful selection of vermillion wooden plates. The glossy black coloring contrasts wonderfully, which makes for a vivid and exotic look. They have an unforgettable attractive quality with eye-catching flower patterns that are unmistakably Japanese. The prices for these wooden plates are also just as attractive at ¥2,500 each, as well as some that start at ¥1,000. These are perfect if you’re looking for some souvenirs to take home. The plates come in manageable sizes that can be quite handy around the dining room, including smaller sized plates that are perfect for cakes, sweets, and other desserts.
An eye-catching selection of antiques with patterns that look like dividing cells
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An eye-catching selection of antiques with patterns that look like dividing cells
Now these are something that you don’t see every day. The pattern itself looks like cell division, and it feels very “objet d’art” in style. These extraordinary items are extremely novel in appearance and they really leave a deep impression even if you don’t buy them. ANTIQUE Belle has a lot of unique items like these that are truly one of a kind. They don’t ship overseas, which makes purchasing these a little difficult, but either way they are definitely worth checking out.
Interesting secondhand items with a charming look
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Interesting secondhand items with a charming look
They also keep a packed selection of interesting retro items to check out in the center of shop. Here you can find a lot of random items to browse through and discover something new. Just like the cute retro mini cars in the photo, this area has a ton of unique secondhand items to check out, including random scientific tools that were used at some point in time. These items are very old, but quite charming nonetheless. Sometimes they are interesting enough to buy on their own even if you don’t know what they are used for.
How to buy

The 2nd floor has a selection of items with various imperfections that are listed as: No Price tag 100yen. These items are dirty or damaged, so you can pick them up at an extra low cost. The damage on some of these items is barely noticeable and you can still use them without any issues. You can find some real hidden treasure here so be sure to dig through and look.

- Shopping Tips -
If you’re curious to know more, feel free to ask about when any of the antiques were made and other details. The complex series of Japanese historical periods are conveniently listed to make things easier to explain. Antiques are always more interesting and fun when you know more about the time they came from and the history behind them.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 goods4.0 service3.5 fun4.0
One of the best things about this store is its warm and easy to approach atmosphere, which lets anyone who has a penchant for nostalgia-filled old items enjoy themselves, even if they don’t have an in-depth knowledge of antiques. Maeda, the shop’s manager, puts a lot of effort into creating an inviting atmosphere that makes people feel truly welcomed. Throughout the shop there are dried flowers set decoratively around the antiques, which matches nicely with the vintage feel of the antiques. Every nook and cranny of this shop shows that a lot of care and attention went into creating a pleasant atmosphere.
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Category Antiques
Phone +81 75-212-7668
Address 334, Maruyacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8086
Directions 5-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Stn. 10-minute walk from Subway Karasuma Line Karasuma Oike Stn.
Open Hours 12pm - 7pm
Closed Open everyday
Price range
Credit cards Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The shopkeeper only speaks a little bit of English. However, there is a listing of time periods and other information that helps to give a broad explanation about the items and when they were made.
Information Basic English
Lanuages spoken Basic English
Shipping services Not accepted

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