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A commercial facility gathering sophisticated and unique shops


COCON KARASUMA, a commercial facility located near Shijo Karasuma, in the center of Kyoto. The renovated building which houses the facility has been rejuvenated in a stylish design. Inside are 7 shops, 9 cafés and restaurants, as well as facilities such as a movie theater and art gallery. COCON KARASUMA was concepted to deliver a “high quality time for all people,” and as such, the selected stores are all of high caliber, and offer unique products. Enjoying a shopping trip by stopping off in caf...moreés and restaurants is the recommended style of spending time at COCON KARASUMA. Shoppers are encouraged to rest on the benches located throughout the building as they leisurely stroll about the various stores.
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The calm and stylish mood of COCON KARASUMA has an appeal that is quite different than the lively atmosphere of tourist spots such as Gion. And I would like special attention to be paid to the floors and stairs inside the building. Because the facility still retains the original materials that existed before the renovation, you can get a sense of how it felt back when it was constructed in 1938. Located very close to the exits for the Shijo subway station and Hankyu Kyoto Line Karasuma Station, ...moreaccess is very convenient!
Specialty shop
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Life Style Shop
Here is a shop which specializes in olive oil and vinegar, and incense. Because We hope you will also notice the stylish and fashionable design of the shop interiors which are aligned with the store’s concept. The wide selection of products here will enrich your daily life, and are recommended for home use as well as for gifts.
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There are 9 cafés and restaurants, each of varying genres. We hope you will select one to match the day’s mood or situation. For example, at the sushi restaurant “SUSHIINA,” diners can enjoy sushi and ala carte items prepared with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. At the Chinese restaurant “OLD HONG KONG RESTAURANT KYOTO,” shoppers can enjoy authentic Canton cuisine prepared by a genuine Cantonese chef. Another welcome details are the late closing hours at 10pm and 11pm.
Life Style Shop
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Specialty shop
“KIRA KARACHO,” a shop which offers Karakami(唐紙), a traditional processed form of paper first established in 1624, sells art panels, framed ornaments, postcards, business cards as well as sets of letters and envelopes . The interior design goods shop “ACTUS” offers furniture, lamps, and accessories such as cups. Each store narrows its focus on a certain item or genre, product quality is high. And as the staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, they will be able to answer your questions clearly...more and courteously.
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Take note of the design decorating the facade of COCON KARASUMA. The color green is used with white clouds, in consideration of Kyoto’s strict regulations regarding protection of the city’s aesthetic scenery. It’s a design which evokes warmth and gorgeousness. It’s even more beautiful at night when lighted up.
How to buy
At the inside of the main entrance is a floor guide where you can see what kinds of stores are on each floor. The informational pamphlets are written in both Japanese and English. We would like for you to check out those two details first.
- Shopping Tips -
If possible, we hope you can visit all of the stores from the 1st floor basement to the 3rd floor. You are sure to find a store or product that will strike your fancy. There are foreign language menus available in some of the restaurants. Even if you don’t find one available, the staff will surely be helpful.
COCON Interior Photo
All of the materials used to build the ceilings, floors, and walls at COCON KARASUMA serve to create an elegant and calm environment.
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Phone +81 75-352-3800
Address 620, Suiginyacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8411
Directions ・A few minutes on foot from Shijo Bus Stop
・Directly connected to Exit 2 of Subway Shijo Station.
・Directly connected to Exit 23 and 25 of Hankyu Karasuma Station.
Hours 11:00am - 0:00am
*Differs depending on the shop.
Closed Varies according to store.
Price range
  • ★
  • ★
  • ☆
Credit cards Varies according to store.
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
  • ●
  • ○
  • ○
A portion of the pamphlet is written in English.
Information Varies according to store.
Languages spoken Varies according to store.
Shipping services No
COCON KARASUMA +81 75-352-3800 -1/3

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