Discover Japanese Fu – glutinous puffs from traditional to modern styles

Fu Fu Fu and...

/ ふふふあん
Fu Fu Fu and
Fu is made with wheat gluten; it has a simple taste and a distinctive texture. It must be tried first to understand its traditional taste. FuFuFu and…, located right across from the flagship store which was established in 1689, is modernly decorated where you will find fu products like crouton-type fu, chocolate fu, and fu snacks. The packagings on all of the products are very elegant making them perfect for gifts.
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If you are looking for something unique but traditionally eaten in Japan, check this store out. The parent store which is located across the street have been in business since 1689. There is a nice contrast in this store, Fu Fu Fu and..., because of its modern design and new and unique products. Fu becomes very soft in liquid and is easy to eat. Try some samples in this store!
Soupe de OFU
Recommend !
Soup de OFU / ¥400
Fu is often eaten in miso soup and enjoyed in other traditional Japanese cuisines. Try these “Soup de OFU” products that can be used like croutons in soups or crushed on salads. There is a variety of flavors available: Basil, pumpkin, black pepper, red pepper, and cheese. It’s a twist of traditional Japanese Fu with western flavors.
Snacks Made with Fu
Recommend !
Snacks Made with Fu / ¥700 per box of Kozue or Minori
Even Japanese people will be surprised to try these snacks made out of fu. The sticks of chocolate covered crispy fu are moderately sweet and easy to eat. The chocolate covered fu, “kozue,” comes in three flavors: black tea, green tea, and cocoa. The round crispy snacks are named “minori,” and have savory tastes like sansho peppers, shichimi 7-blend spice, black pepper, and ginger.
Try Variety of Fu in Soup
Check it out !
Try Variety of Fu in Soups
Try the samples available for you to try with soup. You could ask the staff for assistance if needed. The fu becomes soft within few seconds after dropping it in to some soup. You could use it on any type of soup whether in a broth or creamy soup, it will taste great! Have fun figuring out which flavor fu will go well with what type of soup.
Great Packaging for Gifts
Check it out !
Great Packaging for Gifts
At FuFuFu and…, the products are beyond traditional, unique, and fun. Check out the packages of these products. Nice Japan-esque design on the packages makes them great Japanese souvenirs. The boxes will allow for safe transport as it will not break the shapes of crispy snacks.
How to buy
All products are available to taste before purchasing.
- Shopping Tips -
Because they are dry products, it’s easy to transport and take it back as souvenirs.
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Fu Fu Fu and...
Categories Food Souvenirs
Phone +81 75-561-0371
Address Shonincho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0903
Directions 1-minute walk from Keihan Line Kiyomizu-Gojo Stn.
Hours 10am - 5pm
Closed Irregular holidays
Price range
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¥240 ~
Credit cards Accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Information Japanese
Languages spoken Japanese
Shipping services Not available
Fu Fu Fu and... +81 75-561-0371 ¥240 ~ -1/3

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