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Sanjo Mercerie

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Making original accessories with your favorite parts
Sanjo Mercerie is a specialty accessories shop. Mainly offering the accessories parts, like a beads, charm or wappens, so you can make your original accessories. Many other accessories shops are around there, but Mercerie is offering rare items which are not provided in another shop. Not only parts but also ready-made items are available. Especially, they are consciously producing yummy looking designs. These are surely interested in by children or women. You don't need to worry if you are clumsy, Mercerie is offering an order-made service as well (extra charge is required). You just pick up your favorite items, and please ask to staffs. They will be wholeheartedly preparing your own accessories with warm smile and atmosphere.
Cute and rare parts are displayed like a traditional sweet shop. Each part is sold from 100 yen so you can purchase these as you want. Each part which is selected by you will create the only one item in the world.
Kanzashi / 1700 yen
Kanzashi is Japanese traditional hair accessories. If you have an opportunity to wear Kimono during your Kyoto stay, please attached these accessories with Kimono. It will be matched well and become more like Kyoto. Of course, it is possible to attach your favorite parts, to kanzashi.
Earrings or pierce
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Earrings or pierce / 1200 yen
This earrings are made with Kompeito design parts. Kompeito is a type of sugar candies and sold at the traditional confection shop. It can be prepared either earrings or pierced earrings. It looks yummy, so I got hungry for it ! Bouncy and colorful kompeito will cheer up you!
How to buy
It does not take so much time to make your original item, depends on items or congestion, usually it needs just 10minutes to arrange.
- Shopping Tips -
Usually, Saturdays and Sundays are crowded, so it will be needed to wait for preparing of your original items. During that time, pleases enjoy shopping or sightseeing around the shop! A lots of shops or restaurants are there.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.2 goods3.0 service3.0 fun3.5
Unintentionally, I stopped by the Sanjo Mercerie when I was passing front of this shop. Because, a lots of cute and various parts ,which are tightly displayed, are jumped into my eyes. At first, it seems to be a candy shop, but there are accessorie parts. You can make an original accessorie with parts which you select. Even if you are clumsy, it is no problem. Staffs are preparing accessorie with your favorite parts. Please make the memorable gift.
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Sanjo Mercerie
Category Zakka (miscellaneous goods)
Phone +75 708-8492
Address 101 fukunaga cho, sanjo noboru, tominokoji, nakagyo ku, kyoto city
Directions 5 minutes by walk from subway karasuma line karasuma oike station
Open Hours 11am- 7pm
Closed Wednesdays
Notes Saturdays and Sundays are crowded
Price range
Credit cards Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Japanese design parts are available, and you can purchase it from one part with low price.
Information Japanese Only
Lanuages spoken Japanese Only
Shipping services No

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