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Stunning and useful antiques crafted by Japanese artisans


The Ichijoji area is dotted with shops selling unique and original items and Montique is a prime example. The owner purchases items from Japan and France with a unique eye and artistic sense in order to offer it for sale at this shop. Montique’s owner takes great care to find items that people can actually use in their everyday lives. Of course each item must be beautiful and attractive, but there is also a focus on items that are practical and useful to customers. Highlights include Japanese an...moretiques as well as items crafted by Japanese artisans. This shop is brimming with original items you will be hard pressed to find at any other store, let alone at such reasonable prices. You can see the passion and attention to detail of the artisans in every single item.
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There are all sorts of items, each carefully selected by the owner. Each item is simple, yet splendid. You can tell that the owner has amazing taste when it comes to art. The inside of the store is cozy and quite homey as well. I think you will find it easy to enter the shop even if it is your first time there!
Small Dishes (Made in Japan)
Recommend !
Small Dishes (Made in Japan) / approximately¥400-¥800
These small dishes have designs printed with a technique known as inban. These designs are drawn by hand on each dish.
As a result, every single dish is a one-of-a-kind work of art. The small size makes it useful for both Japanese and Western cuisine.
Wooden Card Case (Made in Japan)
Recommend !
Wooden Card Case (Made in Japan) / ¥6,500-¥7,500
These are products from the Konoka brand, which was developed by a Japanese timber dealer.
This brand is well known for the mild scent of its wood, the beautiful grain, and the soft feel of their products.
Even the clear “SNAP!” as it closes is endearing.
The product is made of natural wood. It can fit up to 20 business cards.
Necklace (Made in France)
Check it out !
Necklace (Made in France) / approximately¥3,000-¥4,000
There is a substantial collection of French-made antiques available.
Necklaces are highly recommended, each stylish with an attractive motif.
The prices are remarkably reasonable considering they are antiques.
How to buy
Please let the employees know if there is something you are interested in and would like to hold or try on.
- Shopping Tips -
It is fun to select an item while taking a look at where each one was made. You may discover the trends and characteristics of the products made in each country.
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Categories Antiques
Phone +81 711-1785
Address West 1F Teraoka Building, 12-2, Ichijoji Haraitonocho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8184
Directions 2-minute walk from Eizan train Ichijoji station
Hours 11am-7pm
Closed Thu
Notes The shop is narrow and there is just one employee. If you arrive in a group, please wait your turn to purchase an item.
Price range
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Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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No signs in English
Information Japanese
Languages spoken Japanese
Shipping services No
montique +81 711-1785 2/3

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