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Farmer's market selling home-grown vegetables

My farmer Kyoto - Main shop

"My farmer" is a casual market where you can purchase fresh Japanese vegetables and fruits. You will be excited because the shop is always full of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and selected groceries.
MYFARM, inc., which runs this market, has rental farms in various areas of Japan, as well as operates a farm school. The company's main theme is to aim abundant life by facing nature through a serious of work such as growing/ harvesting/ eating vegetables by themselves. So, this shop deals with sma...morell farmers who are the graduates of this school.
Please enjoy real taste of Japanese vegetables, and find your favorite!
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You can access the shop by city bus without transfer for around 10 minutes. It is a good location for tourist. The kyoto aquarium and Umekoji park are around the shop. So, please visit here as a brief break or shopping.
Vegetables and fruits
Recommend !
Vegetables and fruits
The vegetables and fruits have been brought up by farmers who are graduated the farm schools. Table and chairs are inside the shop, so you can eat them or take it out to your hotel as a breakfast. Rare vegetables are available. They offer in a small portion, so you can try some products you are interested in, little by little.
Tea leaf, condiments and confections
Recommend !
Tea leaf, condiments and confections
Tea leaf, condiments and snacks are also offered. The ingredients of these come from the own farmer. It is good as a gift for your friend or for yourself too. Rare items are offered, please check it !
Check it out !
The puddings are made with the eggs which were grown up in their own chicken farms. You will feel a smooth texture and rich flavor though it is not too sweet. It has a natural taste.
How to buy
My farmer how to buyYou have to purchase by the self-check machine.
① Please scan your items
② Please put your items on the plastic bags on your right.
③ Please insert the cash
If you have any questions about usage of this machine, please feel free to ask staffs.
- Shopping Tips -
Please check the small tag which attached each items, it is described the detail of items
My farmer Kyoto Appearance Photo
My farmer Kyoto - Main shop
Categories Grocery
Phone +81 80-2456-3408
Address KYOCA building 1-1, seikai cho, suzaku, shimogyo ku, kyoto city, 600-8841
Directions 1minutes by walk from Umekoji park bus stop
Hours 10am-7pm
Closed Wednesdays
Price range
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Credit cards Not accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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Many sightseeing spots are around the shop
Information Japanese only
Languages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services No
My farmer Kyoto - Main shop +81 80-2456-3408 2/3

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