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Adorable sweets produced by Yatsuhashi in Kyoto Station

nikiniki á la gare - Kyoto Station Asty Road

nikiniki á la gare
If you are looking for adorable and fine Japanese sweets, nikiniki is the place you should visit! “nikiniki” is produced by “Shogoin Yatsuhashi” which offers famous Japanese cinnamon sweets called “Yatsuhashi”. There are two types of Yatsuhashi which are baked and unbaked. “nikiniki” uses both types of yatsuhashi and creates very pretty dolls and tasty pastries. They are very delicate and detailed, and the colors used for each product are very beautiful. If you would like to taste fine Japanese ...moresweets and take pictures of pretty Japanese sweets, please visit “nikiniki” in Kyoto Station!
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I personally come to this shop often when I visit my families and friends who live in different cities. They enjoy very fine and pretty dolls made from Yatsuhashi. For those who are looking for a souvenir to bring back to your country, we recommend that you buy the pastries as they have a shelf life of one month to three months (depending on the products).
Nama Yatsuhashi
Recommend !
Nama Yatsuhashi / ¥594 (box)
This is the prettiest Japanese sweets I’ve ever seen! Depending on the season, the images of the dolls change. Not only does it look pretty, but it also tastes very well. If you give it to someone as a gift, they may surely enjoy both the looks and the taste. Please note that it only has a shelf life of one day.
carré de cannelle
Recommend !
carré de cannelle / 1pieces ¥108 -
If you would like to try this kind of Yatsuhashi, you can try it at the shop! There are two tables inside of the shop and you can try this kind of Yatsuhashi made in the kitchen. You can choose the topping from several options such as fruits jams and red bean paste. You can also select the color of Yatsuhashi. They all taste the same but have different colors.
Check it out !
Pastries / ¥810 -
If you would like to try something pasty like, we recommend these. They are good for souvenirs as they have a shelf life of one month to three month (depending on the products). The packages are also pretty and you may enjoy these fine and lightly sweetened pastries!
How to buy
Please point what you would like to buy. If you would like to try the sweets at the store, please tell so to the staff.
- Shopping Tips -
You can choose the colors and toppings for the "carre de cannelle"
nikiniki á la gare Appearance Photo
nikiniki á la gare - Kyoto Station Asty Road
Categories Sweets
Phone +81 75-662-8284
Address Asty-road, Kyoto Station Hachijo-guchi, 8-3, Higashishiokoji Takakuracho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Directions In Asty Road, just near the Hachijo-guchi exit in Kyoto station.
Hours 9am - 8pm
Closed Open everyday
Price range
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Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted
Friendly for Overseas Visitors
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It is easy to access as this shop is located in Kyoto Station
Information Japanese only
Languages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services Not accepted
nikiniki á la gare - Kyoto Station Asty Road +81 75-662-8284 2/3

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