Apr. 19, 2018 UPDATE

Try grinding matcha by yourself in Kyoto and experience the tea ceremony

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony with matcha you grind yourself, this experience couldn't be missed by Sharing Kyoto writers!
Miyuki[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

I participated in the Hiki-cha and tea ceremony experience at Uji. Actually, I was born and raised in Uji, but it was the first time for me. The teacher shows us not only tea manners, but also the history of tea or tea room. It was a really nice experience, because most of it was just what I didn't know and new to me. That is why it became a precious and fresh experience. Although, the contents of the lesson are substantial, it took only 45 minutes, so if you don’t have enough time, you should try!

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It is a valuable experience in just 45 minutes!!

You can make a reservation on the event day based on availability, please ask to the shop staff. Or, you can make a reservation in advance by email or telephone.

Tea ceremony venue

The tea ceremony venue is the left side of the entrance. Please take off your shoes before entering. The photo shows the inside of the tea ceremony venue, 茶煙永日香 is the message from Katsukaisyu who was a heroic politician in Edo period. 茶煙永日香meaning to keep the tea flavor forever in Japanese.

Teacher shows us...

The teacher was teaching me the way of making the powder as well as tea history. If you have any question, please ask the teacher.

Making matcha powder

Turn the handle toward left direction with your right hand. It is heavier than expected. The best speed is one round in one second.

Matcha powder is coming out

Green powder will come out from the gap at the grinder after a while. You have a good smell of fresh matcha.

Gathering powder

After gathering tea powder, we moved to the tea room.
The teacher shows us the point we have to pay attention to when we leave the room, or the manner of opening the door.

Tea room

This is a ‘Zuishoan’ tea room. It is a small Genroku-era tea room, a style which little remains in the present days.

Boiled water was prepared in the tea room. During the summer season, the tool making the boiled water is different.

Tea jelly

At first, I ate tea sweet, it would help to relieve the stimulus of condense green tea

Pour hot water on a cup carefully…

Making a matcha by teacher

The tea making performance by a teacher is a highlight. 2 kinds of matcha, condense matcha and weak matcha, was prepared quickly but with utmost care.

Tea ceremony

At first, please put the cup on your left hand and lend your right hand to the side of a cup. Next, turn the cup clockwise toward yourself for 2 times, and then please taste the matcha. After drinking, wipe the cup and turn to opposite direction to the previous. Although it looks easy, actually it was hard.

This is a condense matcha

This is a weak matcha which is made with matcha powder I milled.

A comment from the staff
It was satisfied experience for me! I highly recommend, because it is not difficult but I can get a lot of knowledge while enjoying.

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