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My first Miyako dance at Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater

Sharing Kyoto went to see the Miyako dance at Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater, and it was really interesting!
Miyuki[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Miyako dance is held at Gionkobukaburenjo from April 1st to 30th. Shows are performed 4 times per day. (12:30pm / 2pm / 3:30pm / 4:50) The motif of performance consists of 8 scenes of the seasons, and Kyoto's traditional places or each season's atmospheres are represented by the song and dance. The signature point of Miyako dance is that the turning of the seasons (a change of stages) is progressed without downing the curtain. The starting seasons are spring and summer, fall and winter are rotated suddenly, and then the finale is a brilliant spring season again with full-bloom cherry blossoms. The magnificent finale stage is too bright to see! Miyako dance is performed in one hour without a break, so, it makes possible to be soaked in Miyako dance world deeply.

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The signboard of Miyako dance is arched over the entrance of Hanami-koji.

the entrance of Hanami-koji.

Hanami-koji is the most popular street in Gion area. Nice (and expensive) restaurants of machiya houses are lined, and I felt Kyoto traditional atmosphere. Some signboards of Miyako dance are standing in both side of the street.

he gate of the Kobu kaburenjo

Around 5 minutes by walk from the entrance of Hanami-koji, we arrived in the gate of the Kobu kaburenjo which is the venue of Miyako dance.

the Kobu kaburenjo

traditional construction

This traditional construction is the Kobu kaburenjo! We could enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms as well. The day I went to Miyako dance was Saturday, so it was crowded with a lot of people and had a long line to purchase tickets. Our tickets were executive seats which includes matcha service that we can enjoy matcha during the tea ceremony by Geiko before the performance.

beautiful costume

As soon as we entered the Kobu kaburenjo, this beautiful costume jumped into my eye. The costume of this year is displayed in the entrance, and you can take the photo with it as if you are wearing it.

food souvenirs


Kyoto traditional food souvenirs such pickles, sake and Japanese pepper are also sold in the shopping area.

beautiful garden

Cherry blossom trees

walking around the garden

Kobu kaburenjo has a beautiful garden. Cherry blossom trees, azalea trees and various type of trees are blooming beautifully and Koi fishes are swimming gracefully in the pond. We can enjoy shopping and walking around the garden, so it may be good to visit early in the day.

Proceeding down the hallway

Proceeding down the hallway while enjoying beautiful the garden outside.

The tea room is here.

The tea room is here.

Matcha and a confection

Matcha and a confection were offered in the tea room. Matcha was made by Geiko who was sitting in the front of the room, and performing tea ceremony. After tasting a confection, we can take a confection plate as a souvenir.


I got a good opportunity to take the photo of Maiko.

 second floor

Leaving the tea room and proceeding down the hallway, the stairs which leads to the second floor is here.

Several costumes

displayed in the second floor

Several costumes were displayed in the second floor. You can imagine each year’s Miyako dance with these costumes.

the view from the second floor window

And the view from the second floor window is also a must see! It is an extremely different scenery from the garden.

gift shop

The gift shop is located in front of the theater. Please enjoy Kyoto souvenir shopping before entering the theater.

the theater was opened.

Finally, the theater was opened. Unfortunately, taking photos or videos is prohibited during the performance. Please visit Miyako dance, if you are interested in a Kyoto traditional dance. Miyako dance is held every day, till the end of April.

A comment from the staff
Actually it is the first time for me to enjoy Miyako dance and visit Kobukaburenjyo. It was a really gorgeous and exciting performance even though the back music and stage sets were really simple. The performance is played by around 20 Geikos and 20 music players. Their performance and sound are perfectly in tune for each other. My recommendation is an executive ticket, particularly for the first time visitor. An executive ticket offers not only nice seating to enjoy the performance but also matcha service and an opportunity to see the tea ceremony. You can enjoy some Kyoto cultures in one place.

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