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Try becoming a real ninja in Kyoto! Cowabunga!

Sharing Kyoto's writer-ninjas went out to test this ninja-experience, and see how radical being a ninja really is.
Miya[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

I visited the Ninja Dojo for a 2 hour training on becoming a Ninja. It was very hands-on and the lesson was instructed very informatively. Starting off with the basics to use of weapons were included in the training. No worrying about any language barrier because the training is done in English. I would like to share with you my Ninja training experience!

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Course Information

There are short and long lessons at this NINJA DOJO. If you want a long training like the one I choose, you will have to make a reservation beforehand. There are 1-hour lessons (¥8,000 per person) and 2-hour lessons (¥14,000 per person). If reserved for multiple people, prices will range with a discount.

Short lessons are available and can be joined as a walk-in. These include Shuriken throwing and blowgun experience that are ¥1,000 yen per 15 throws or darts. Kids rubber Shuriken throws and blowgun experience is also available.


NINJA DOJO building

NINJA DOJO and STORE is located in central Kyoto about 3-minute walk from Karasuma Shijo Station.


NINJA DOJO and STORE is located on the second floor of this building. Take off your shoes once entering the building on the first floor and place your shoes inside one of the open boxes on the left. Wear the slippers that's inside, take out the key, and bring it with you to the second floor. Don't lose that key! And make sure not to step on the wooden plaques or go up the stairs with your shoes on.

Change into Ninja clothes

Preparing for training

In the 1 or 2 hour training, rental of Ninja clothes is included. Before the lesson you will be changing into this clothes and choosing a head band from several choices.

Ready to start training

The training

Listening to the instructor

A Ninja master instructor will be training you. He speaks English and explains the techniques very well.

First off, I went through preparation for the training by going through the basics of breathing, meditation (Kuji-in), and walking. The key techniques of becoming a Ninja is to be smooth and quiet when moving around.


Then, I was taught how to use the Ninja sword and how to approach an attacker. One of the staff played the role of an attacker, and I learned what to do when the attacker approaches.

Training with swords

The instructor taught how to use several other variety of weapons used by Ninjas.

Shuriken throwing

I learned how to throw Shurikens and stick-shaped weapons. What was interesting was that the stick-shaped weapon that was used in training was similar to chopsticks. We discussed that knowing how to throw this weapon correctly, we can always be prepared to protect ourselves when dining in a restaurant, for example.

Blowgun experience

The blowgun was pretty exciting to use! Believe it or not, you can use the blowgun to target something far across the room. I recommend at least trying the blowgun or throwing Shurikens as these short lessons are available without reservations. These are included in the long lessons as well.

Ending the training with a bow

We properly bow to end our training.

After the training

Photograph at the end

At the end, we take some time for photos and pose with our favorite Ninja weapon.

The store

Several interesting items are for sale at the store. You can walk-in and just check out the store if you like.

My thoughts

The 2 hour training was full of techniques and hands-on experience that I felt little bit stronger than before, and I felt that I can be more protective of my self. In some parts of the training such as the Shuriken throwing, I had a little difficult time throwing at the target. I may need a little bit more Ninja training, but what I went through at Ninja Dojo was a very fun introductory experience!

A comment from the staff
I went in the store just as a walk-in. There was several Ninja weapons like Shuriken and Katana! Fun items like Ninja beer was also there. The staff there is very knowledgeable about Ninja, and they practice the techniques that is taught through out generations. I recommend to stop by here when you are in Kyoto!

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