Oct. 10, 2017 UPDATE

At Pagong they use a kimono dying method to make aloha shirts

Sharing Kyoto's writers went to Pagong and saw first hand how they make their aloha shirts using the kimono dying method.
Miyuki[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Pagong are offering modern clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, towels and so on. All of them are hand made with yuzen technique in their own factory

 The origin of the Pagong was a Kimono company, but they are producing modern clothes in accordance with the trend. The Pagong main shop is a combined store with their own factory. Today, I got the special opportunity to see the factory, so I will report the process of how to make clothes in the factory. It was a really sensitive skill and I think what professional work by craftsmen it is!

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I got the special opportunity to see the factory !

Bucket of ink

The factory has 3 stories, this is the 1st floor. Various color inks are stored in each bucket. Since there is a wide variety of colors, each bucket has the number to identify each color.

Adjustment of the color

Making the color. They are ingredients of the ink. The ink is made with mixing color powder and paste. Only 1 glum difference will lead to big change of the color. It is an intense process.

Type of Colors

Fabrics are put on the board

Non-printed fabrics are put on the board. A color is dyed on this board.

Pattern paper

It is a really delicate design

Dyeing a color

Ink is put above the pattern paper. It must be same pressure needs to be even to make the color uniform. A non-color fabric is dyed by their hand accordingly.

Pattern papers were stocked

Various pattern papers were stocked tightly in the 3th floor of the factory. You may notice that some pattern papers are bunched. One bunch is one design. Each color and design need different pattern papers, and these are dyed by each ink, finally one design is completed! In the other words, the more thicker a bunch is, more colorful design will be.

Clothes and accessories


These clothes or accessories are made in this process. Intense and professional skills are producing an exquisite pattern.

A comment from the staff
It was the first time for me to see such a clothes-making process. After seeing the process in the factory, I can understand the value of these items well. In modern times, it is the norm to treat speedy and mass production, but I am confident that hand-made is a valuable technology, regardless of the era.

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