Nov. 06, 2017 UPDATE

A quick and healthy tofu lunch at Yatsuhashi-an

Sharing Kyoto's writers went to make some tofu by himself, and here is his report on how that went.
Taiichi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

I took part in making tofu at the Yatuhashi-an Shanari workshop among a wide range of cultural experience that are offered. Really friendly staff instructed me how to make tofu with big smile! Although I nearly mistook one of the process, the staff easily recovered it for me! As I often eat tofu with a lot of ways, such as with miso soup, Nabe, Japanese hot pot, and more, I really enjoyed and was very grad to learn about it!

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The tools of making tofu

Step 1

A lot of equipment had already been set on the table for me before I arrived. A big stock pot is mainly used in tofu making. As it is a 60-minute course, and some steps are needed to keep track of time, please follow the instructions from the instructor.

Boiling with soybeans

Step 2

Pour the bean soup stock into the deep pot and mix it slowly for 5 minutes. Then, mix it for additional 12 minutes. Mixing is needed while controlling the fire in order not to boil it over so that the flavor of beans would come out.

Separate the Okara, curd-beans and soy beans extracts

Step 3

I was a bit tired with mixing the soup around for 20 minutes, but there are some steps left to make tofu!
After putting the gloves on my hands, I put an exclusive cover on the small bowl and poured all of the soup into it, then pressed it strongly to separate the okara and the extracts. After that, I packed it with a wooden square box and put the lid with a cup to take out the excess water from it.

Pack and take off the box frame

Step 4

I was really excited while the tofu was being shaped. 15 minutes later, I started taking off the cover from the tofu in cold water that I felt my hands nearly frostbitten!

Since I could choose to eat it cold, hot, or both, I felt greedy and tried eating it in both ways.

Eating my tofu!

Step 5

In conclusion, I was able to make a high quality tofu though I say it myself!

The flavor of beans came out well as I put it into my mouth!
Original soy sauce dip with bonito and kelp extracts for hot tofu was so nice that I wanted to buy as a souvenir!
As lovely staff looked after me from the beginning to the end, I perfectly enjoyed making my tofu.

A comment from the staff
The tofu making experience was more enjoyable than I expected! I was a little bit nervous at the beginning, but I totally had so much fun! Yatsuhashi-an Shanari offers many hands-on experience with Kyoto style items, such Japanese sweets, dolls, and more. Most of them are able to be experienced for reasonable prices. Some staff in the shop will instructs you in English. Please try it while you go sightseeing around Nanzen-ji Temple area!

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