Jun. 17, 2019 UPDATE

Kyoto’s Energizing Lunches: Baan Rim Naam

Miyabi takes the reigns on Sharing Kyoto’s second edition of the editing team’s “Awesome Lunches.”
Miyabi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Everyone okay out there? Not losing it to the heat? This year made you wonder where Spring as how suddenly it got hot, right?

So with that, to get some energy to face what’s sure to be a hot summer, this month “Awesome Lunches” theme is going to be “energizing lunches.”

In May the new recruits Shin and Sakurako joined our team and instantly began doing some excellent work for us, so I decided with this week’s lunch I wanted them to forget about work for a wee bit.

This week’s lunch feels like a lunch out with the girls! (Shin manned the camera for us).

We were all starving, so quickly hopped on the train. This week’s restaurant is a secret, but hopefully, our poses give you a bit of a hint.

Hankyu lineThese two looking positively excited on their way to Karawamachi Station on the Hankyu line.

Machiya After getting to the Hankyu Karamachi Station, walk toward the Shijo Ohashi Bridge and turn south just before you hit it. The cobbled streets and Machiya townhouses are very Kyoto, aren’t they? Continue walking for another minute or so from here.

Here it is!Here it is! The restaurant I wanted to introduce everyone to this week is the Thai restaurant “Baan Rim Naam.” 

There’s a statue outside with its hands together saying kob Khun krab, meaning “Thank you” in Thai, which evidently was the hint from when we left the office, did you get it?

As we enter we greet the staff and ask for the best seat in the house, which was…

Noryo YukaTa-da! One of Kyoto’s famous Noryo Yuka river terraces! These terraces are a great spot for enjoying the Kamogawa River, the blue sky and all that Kyoto summer have to offer (unfortunately it was cloudy when we went).

The Noryo Yuka terraces are just called Yuka by people in Kyoto. However, there is also the word Kawadoko using similar characters. I wonder what’s the difference.

For anyone wondering, check out these articles down below, which easily explain the differences between Yuka and Kawadoko

▼Kawadoko in Kyoto: an outstanding summer dining experience


There are also a ton of other fantastic restaurants that feature these riverside Yuka terraces. For anyone looking for some recommendations, check out this article in which we introduce a range of different places, from Yakiniku barbeque to cafes, all featuring their own outdoor terraces.

▼Yuka - Outdoor Riverside Dining in Sunset and Night of Kiyamachi


As I was carrying on about all that, everyone’s food arrived.


How colorfulIt’s so gorgeous! How colorful and cute! The salad, the soup, the main, it all looks so good!


ItadakimasuOkay everyone, let’s eat! Itadakimasu!

green curry setShin, who recently found a love for curry, ordered the green curry set. The greenish one at the back is a coconut milk curry, while the soup at the front is tom yum. There’s a side dish of vegetables to go with the salad, and even some dessert too, what an absolute spread of dishes.

Being able to enjoy this kind of lunch on one of these riverside terraces is just heaven. I feel like I’m going to sprout wings and fly away.

Pad ThaiThe girls in the group all got the massive Pad Thai. We also tried the pumpkin filled tapioca dessert too.

There were so many dishes, so the entire table came alive with comments like “What’s this? It’s so good!” and “Oh, try this one!”

We all enjoyed the food and the riverside terrace so much that none of us spoke the entire way home. I’ll take that as everyone has enjoyed themselves then haha.

People often think that the restaurants with the Yuka riverside terraces are expensive; however, if they offer lunch, then it is usually not as expensive as dinner, meaning you can enjoy one of the terraces relatively easily. 

Being in such a wide open space and feeling the wind coming off the Kamogawa River felt so incredibly nice. We highly recommend that everyone checks out these landmarks of Kyoto, the Yuka riverside terraces.

A comment from the staff
I had a great time relaxing and enjoying the scenery of the quiet Kamogawa River while enjoying a fabulous lunch on a Kawadoko terrace. The terrace lunch set that we had the opportunity of trying this time was very, very volumey. I ate and ate, but the food just wouldn’t disappear haha. The restaurant itself was very reasonably priced, so it’s a great place to easily enjoy one of Kyoto’s famous riverside terraces. It’s also a wonderful place to enjoy the fusion of Kyoto culture with the atmosphere of Thailand.

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