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Coronavirus – Stave off Infection with these Nutrient-Packed Foods!

In this article, we’ll look at some Kyoto restaurants that serve nutrient-dense foods that’ll help keep your immune system in check during the coronavirus outbreak!
Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase in Japan, we’re sure that many people planning on coming to Japan are feeling a bit wary. While many likely want to prevent infection before coming here, they might not know specifically what to do.

The main reported ways to prevent against the coronavirus are using masks, careful hand-washing and avoiding crowds. Another method floating around is keeping your immune system in check. Since the coronavirus is just another form of cold, building a strong immune system is just as important as everything else.

In this article, we’ve carefully selected a few Kyoto restaurants that serve healthy and nutritious food! Get down your greens to keep that immune system up! 

This article is especially aimed at those planning on coming to Kyoto soon.

Chikuyu Antaro Atsumori

Chikuyu Antaro Atsumori At Chikuyu Antaro Atsumori you can enjoy special soba noodles that you won’t find at regular soba restaurants.  

Chikuyu Antaro Atsumori wanted to serve “genuinely healthy food,” so created this dark, whole-grain soba that contains a whole swath of nutrients, including carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B1 and calcium.

Accompanying their soba, Chikuyu Antaro Atsumori also serves special tsuyu dipping sauce, three times the regular amount of Kyoto kujonegi scallions and a raw egg, further stuffing their dishes with nutrients. 

Because of its high nutrient content, soba was originally eaten as a medicine, so get yourself a helping of Chikuyu Antaro Atsumori soba and strengthen your immune system against the nasty coronavirus. 


OASIOASI is an Italian restaurant run by talented chef and former member of Michelin starred New York restaurant “Kajitsu,” Chef Yoshida.

OASI’s crown jewel is their free-style of cooking that uses delicious seasonal vegetables and isn’t bound by the conventions of “Italian cuisine.”

Chef Yoshida regularly visits the morning markets of Kyoto’s Ohara and Shizuhara regions to select the best vegetables for that specific season. This paired with research put into the best way to prepare the vegetables makes the dishes at OASI some of the best tasting veggie dishes there can be.

As well, this too means that no matter when you go to OASI, you’re always sure to be met with the new and exciting feeling of “since when did veggies taste this good?”

OASI offers healthy Italian food packed with the delicious natural flavors of veggies, so if you’re wanting to get your fix of greens from something that isn’t Japanese food, then OASI is definitely the place to go! 

Vegetable Bar Ashioto 

Vegetable Bar Ashioto Vegetable Bar Ashioto is a laid back restaurant offering original Kyoto veggie-based dishes. Every morning, owner Maeda heads out to buy the day’s veggies straight from farmers or local grocers. This means that all the veggies on offer are packed full of the kinds of nutrients you can only expect from fresh, seasonal veg. 

Ashioto serves dishes that bring out the best in whatever vegetable’s being used and change dishes depending on the ingredients available, meaning that whether it’s Japanese, Chinese or Spanish, the dish you get will contain the absolute best flavors the veggies inside have to offer.

If you’re looking to get your fill of Kyoto’s unique Kyo-yasai veggies or enjoy a meal in a laid-back restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere, then look no further than Ashioto.

 Hyakumi Onjiki

Hyakumi OnjikiAt Hyakumi Onjiki you can get your hands on an incredible looking Kyoto vegetable-packed yakuzen curry.

This incredibly healthy curry is made up of a melting pot of seasonal vegetables. One of the things to pay attention to in this curry is the variety of ways, from fried to boiled, the veggies are all cooked. This array of cooking methods provides the curry with a truly wonderful rainbow of textures.

Also, since this isn’t any old curry, it’s a yakuzen curry, it means that the curry’s packed with an original blend of “crude drugs” (vegetables used for natural remedies) and spices which shock you with a charge of nutrients and kick your body into.

A comment from the staff
While careful hand-washing and wearing masks may be important, building a strong immune system that can stand up to colds with nutrient-packed foods is just as necessary. All the restaurants we showcase in this article offer delicious, healthy food that’ll help your body hold back nasty viruses. Get your fill of fresh veggies and enjoy your time in Japan free of coronavirus worries!

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