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Dandelion Chocolate Café & Cacao Bar: A new must-visit spot in Higashiyama district

It’s sometimes hard to find a place to rest in a tourist spot. But now we have one that serves hot chocolates, espresso drinks, iced drinks, and a full line of pastries made in-house.
Chiemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Dandelion Chocolate opened a new café in Kyoto on April 26, 2018. They have been making “bean to bar” chocolate by using only two ingredients, carefully selected cacao beans and organic cane sugar. Here, I’ll report its pre-open event.

Dandelion Chocolate is a “bean to bar” chocolate factory in pursuit of the quality of cacao beans and of its procedure of making chocolate. Their newest café is now opened in Kyoto. Their passion for chocolate can be seen everywhere.


Traditional BuildingThe building itself is classified as Traditional Building by Kyoto City. Once you step inside, you’ll be amazed by its elaborate interior with the combination of traditional Japanese style and modern designs. 


interiorWhile you’re in line for drinks or pastries, you won’t get bored. There’s an enclosed little garden that reflects seasonal changes. It’s fun to look around the interior designed by Fumihiko Sano, who started his career as Sukiya-Daiku (a carpenter for traditional teahouses). Exposed wooden ceiling beams, little Japanese elegant gardens, and window frames made from wood― reminded me of a nostalgic Japanese scenery in the provinces.


café of DandelionEach café of Dandelion in Japan collaborates with local coffee makers and shops. This time, they work with Unir, who is famous for their specialty coffee.

Kameya YoshinagaThey have also developed collaboration with Kameya Yoshinaga, a traditional Japanese sweets shop founded in 1803, and SOU・SOU, a textile company depicting the seasonal beauty of Japan― both of them are loved by many locals. Interestingly, their traits are perfectly well mingled for creating a new style.

Maiko Hot Chocolate The café area is on the second floor. There, I tried Maiko Hot Chocolate and Frozen Hot Chocolate. Maiko Hot Chocolate is served only in Kyoto, which made me feel satisfied for having what was special to here.


small-batch chocolateThere are, of course, pastries made with their small-batch chocolate. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to enjoy all of the items, so I’ll definitely try them next time!


have a cup of coffeeIt was nice to have a cup of coffee, looking through the window with the relaxing atmosphere. I was impressed with how elaborate every single detail was. As an editor who creates contents, I really admire their passion for “monozukuri”― a Japanese word to describe the process of integrating development with full of craftsmanship and dedication to continuous improvement.


full of crowdsLocals were invited to the pre-open event as well as members of the press. The café area and the gift shop were full of crowds with wishes to try their pastries, drinks, and chocolates. Men, women, students, workers, and families with babies―. They all seemed to enjoy what they experienced (including me!). If you’re looking for a nice cozy café with a great passion for “monozukuri”, here is one for you― Dandelion Chocolate Café & Bar.

A comment from the staff
A new spot has opened in Higashiyama area. That is Dandelion Chocolate Café & Bar. You can enjoy the real taste of cacao beans with the relaxing atmosphere. “CACAO BAR,” their new attempt, would be available from June. Please check it out when you are around!

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