May. 15, 2020 UPDATE

Daily Updates – Information on the Spread of Coronavirus in Japan

This article will be updated daily with the number of people infected by the coronavirus in Japan based on information released by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Sakurako[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

We will be updating this article daily with the number of infected people in both Japan and Kyoto Prefecture.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Japan:

・ People infected inside Japan/infected and then traveled from China:16203

・ Number of infected on cruise ship stranded in Japan: 712

・ Number of infected on charter flight from Japan: 13

・Total infected: 16915

・Total infected in Kyoto:358

(May 15)

Currently known facts:

(1) Status of those infected

・Among those infected, there are people with mild to no symptoms and some who have already made a recovery. 

・ Analyzing cases within Japan, it seems that fevers and respiratory symptoms often persist for about one week. Additionally, many people are recorded as feeling fatigued.

・ However, some cases are showing severe symptoms of pneumonia requiring intensive care including artificial ventilation. It has also been reported that cases of coronavirus are requiring longer hospital stays than regular seasonally based cases of the flu.

According to current surveys, elderly people and those with underlying disorders are considered to be at higher risk of severe symptoms.

(2) Spread of the Coronavirus

Currently, the coronavirus is primarily believed to spread through person-to-person contact and respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

While airborne infections are currently believed to not be a threat, the possibility of infection without being in close proximity to the respiratory droplets of an infected person is not being ruled out. 

As there are cases of the virus spreading from those with little or no symptoms, the likelihood to infect and severity of symptoms do not necessarily correlate.

This aspect of the coronavirus makes it extremely difficult to deal with.

(Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

(3) Effective Prevention Methods

See this article: Coronavirus – Methods and Things Available in Japan to Help Prevent Infection 

A comment from the staff
If you are planning on coming to Japan, or already here, then please be careful and make sure to take all the proper measures to prevent infection. If you are feeling unwell, please contact Kyoto Prefecture's consultation desk for returnees and people in close contact with possible infected persons. Consultation desk for returnees and people in close contact with possible infected persons: Open Hours: 24 hours/Weekdays, weekends and holidays TEL: 075-414-4726

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