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The Ultimate Guide to Ginjo Ramen Kubota 2020 – Presented by Sharing Kyoto Editor in Chief

Ginjo Ramen Kubota is an extremely popular ramen shop that, to those in Kyoto, needs no introduction. While their signature dish is a “seafood flavored miso tsukemen made with carefully selected miso,” they also have another side to them, one of ridiculously good exclusive, limited time only ramen and tsukemen. In this article, I’ll introduce you to every ramen, both regular and limited, that has been offered at Ginjo Ramen Kubota over the last 1 – 2 years.
Mr.Yamasaki[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Hi everyone! It’s Sharing Kyoto’s editor in chief here, Mr. Yamasaki. While I’m well known for eating my way around Kyoto ramen shops, my absolute favorite one is Ginjo Ramen Kubota. This article will be about looking back on the past 12 years I’ve been going to Kubota and will be a completely different beast from our regular restaurant articles, of which the Kubota one is linked below.

Also, please note that all the dishes shown below are almost guaranteed to never be on the menu at the same time. As well, neither I nor owner Mr. Kubota, know whether some of them will even ever see it back onto the menu or not. So please keep this in mind as you read on. 

While not currently on the menu, I can guarantee you that all of these dishes were, in fact, on the menu at one time or another. 

I hope that encounters with wonderful, delicious bowls ramen await in your future too.


▼ Rare event held at Ginjo Ramen Kubota  "Premium Ramen Experience" on May 15, 2023

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▼Click here for more details about Ginjo Ramen Kubota

Dipping noodles

[Signature dish No. 1] Dipping noodles (Miso): ¥900

Offered: Always

Rarity: ★

This is Ginjo Ramen Kubota’s most popular dish, miso tsukemen.

This dish is a must-try for anyone coming to Kubota for the first time. The thick miso and seafood-based broth clings to the chewy, straight noodles, and when paired with the slightly spicy after-taste, makes for a one of a kind umami filled bowl of noodles. 

Chinese noodles

[Signature dish No. 2] Chinese noodles (Miso and ground pork on the top): ¥800

Offered: Almost always (at times only the miso dipping noodles will be avaialble)

Rarity: ★

This ground pork topped bowl of miso ramen is Ginjo Ramen Kubota’s second signature dish. Although the broth resembles that of the miso tsukemen dipping noodles, this is ramen uses thin noodles and isn’t as heavy on the stomach. The amount of mince will continually surprise as it acts as a more than satisfying addition to the noodles. 

This dish is for those in the ramen camp of the great tsukemen vs. ramen debate.

Chinese noodles (Soy sauce)

[Signature dish No. 3] Chinese noodles (Soy sauce): ¥800

Offered: Almost always (at times only the miso dipping noodles will be available)

Rarity: ★

The dish most eaten as staff meals at Ginjo Ramen Kubota, the chicken stock-based soy sauce ramen. Although simple, this ramen offers the most unadulterated version of the dashi soup stock, lacks any gameyness and is simply delicious. You won’t find this kind of quality at this kind of price anywhere else (seriously). 

Tantan Maze Soba

[Limited] Tantan Maze Soba: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Autumn/winter (September – February)

Rarity: ★★

Although limited, the Tantan Mazesoba sees it on to the menu relatively often. While the broth is on the heavier side, the spicy mince and flavors and aromas of the nuts pair well with the noodles and give the whole ordeal some absolutely irresistible flavors. 

Sometimes curry-flavored tantan maze soba is also available.


Kamo Seiro Soba

[Limited] Kamo Seiro Soba: ¥1,000 – ¥1,100

Offered: Winter (December – February)

Rarity: ★★

The Kamo Seiro Soba, a dish of duck meat and noodles served in a bamboo steamer, is a Kubota winter-exclusive. Similar to tsukemen, this dish is to be eaten by dipping the noodles in the Japanese leek filled dipping soup. The stand out part of this dish is the side of exquisite duck meat! Said to be marinated in oranges, the duck meat gives off the faintest hint of acidity, has a light, refreshing flavor and is just delicious.


Jukusei Seiryo Tsukesoba

[Limited] Jukusei Seiryo Tsukesoba: ¥850 – ¥950

Offered: Irregularly

Rarity: ★★

A Kubota summer-exclusive, the Jukusei Seiryo Tsukesoba is a dish of cold noodles that are meant to be eaten by dipping them into the accompanying soy sauce based dipping soup.

The satisfying texture of the noodles is out of this world and on a hot summer’s day, your overheated, tired body makes quick work of them. 

The truly remarkable part of this dish, however, is the soy sauce dipping soup. Kubota’s owner scoured Japan for the perfect soy sauce, which he then lets age further, refining its flavors and removing any sharpness.

Be warned that this dish is limitless in its deliciousness and your stomach may explode if over indulged in. 


Tori Paitan Tsukemen

[Limited] Tori Paitan Tsukemen: ¥850 – ¥950

Offered: Irregularly

Rarity: ★★★

This Tori Paitan Tsukemen is a variant dipping noodle with a thick, creamy dipping soup that’s packed with chicken umami. The soup is apparently delicately strained multiple times, giving it a notably outstanding fine texture.


Hiyashi Tantan-men

[Limited] Hiyashi Tantan-men: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Spring/Summer (March – August) 

Rarity: ★★★

Another Kubota summer-exclusive, the Hiyashi Tantan-men is a supremely delicious ramen take on the classic cold chinese-style noodles known as hiyashi chuka. The flavors and aromas of the sesame fuse with the spicy chili oil to create an unbelievably delicious, never before experienced flavor.

Fujuku Maguro Shio Hiyashi Ramen

[Limited] Fujuku Maguro Shio Hiyashi Ramen: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Summer (June – August) 

Rarity: ★★★

Kubota’s summer-exclusive Fujuku Maguro Shio Hiyashi Ramen features tuna toppings in a tuna broth – a veritable tuna party. While you think the flavors might not be worth mentioning, the owner of Kubota, Mr. Kubota, went so far with the quality of the tuna that he actually sells this insane bowl of ramen at a loss. 


Hiyashi Torotoro Soba

[Limited] Hiyashi Torotoro Soba: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Summer (June – August) 

Rarity: ★★★

The summer-exclusive, Hiyashi Torotoro Soba, is not only packed with nutrients but doesn’t skimp on the ooey-gooey grated mountain yam either. When you try this dish, you’re sure to be surprised at just how well ramen and grated yam go together. 

After finishing your noodles, you can ask for a bowl of rice to keep enjoying the grated yam down to the very last bite. Truly an exquisite dish. 


Noko Tonkotsu Ramen Hakatagoshi

[Limited] Noko Tonkotsu Ramen Hakatagoshi: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Winter (December – February) 

Rarity: ★★★

A winter-exclusive, Kubota’s Noko Tonkotsu Ramen is the insanely good result of someone who worked at ramen chain Ippudo and a Chinese restaurant pulling together all their experience and focusing it into a bowl of tonkotsu ramen. 

This is the kind of tonkotsu ramen that utilizes its gameyness instead of shunning it and is thick and creamy while still miraculously palatable. 

While this ramen isn’t offered too frequently, it has many fans in Kyoto and has ascended to legendary status. 


Noko Gyokai Tsukemen

[Limited] Noko Gyokai Tsukemen: ¥850 – ¥950

Offered: Irregularly

Rarity: ★★★

This irregular menu item is a tsukemen dipping noodle with a thick seafood-based broth. In Kansai, the most common tsukemen broth is made with a slightly astringent seafood-based think soup. However, this tsukemen adds an extra punchy fruitiness to the seafoody flavor, achieving a new evolution in ramen.


Hiyashi Niboshi Tsukemen

[Limited] Hiyashi Niboshi Tsukemen: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Summer (June – August) 

Rarity: ★★★★

All following bowls of ramen are rare finds and that you won’t be able to get your hands on as easily. This dish is a summer exclusive cold tsukemen with dried baby sardines. I think that most people probably haven’t cold tsukemen with dried baby sardines before, but it's seriously good. The smell of the dried sardines hits your nose and doesn't let up until the very last bite.  

Hiyashi Niboshi Ramen

[Limited] Hiyashi Niboshi Ramen: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Summer (June – August) 

Rarity: ★★★★

This dish is a summer exclusive cold ramen with dried baby sardines. This exquisite bowl of ramen is the Clyde to the above tsukemen’s Bonnie. Apparently, owner Mr. Kubota goes through two entire cases (40 kg) of dried baby sardines when working on creating these tsukemen and ramen. Decidedly sold at a loss, the flavor of this Hiyashi Niboshi Ramen knows no bounds.


Noko Miso Maze Soba

[Limited] Noko Miso Maze Soba: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Irregularly

Rarity: ★★★★★

This maze soba in a thick miso-based broth is a newly born dish from 2019. Jointly developed with the owner of a super famous Uji City ramen shop, this dish contains both the incredible umami of the sweet and spicy miso as well as an overall umami that makes you want to scream in delight. With only a few bowls ever been served and its ultimate fate still uncertain, this is a real phantom ramen.


Assari Tonkotsu Ramen

[Limited] Assari Tonkotsu Ramen: ¥800 – ¥900

Offered: Winter (December – February) 

Rarity: ★★★★★

This light tonkotsu ramen is a completely different beast from the above mentioned Noko Tonkotsu Ramen Hakatagoshi. Perfectly balancing the intense umami of pork bones with a light, healthy tasting soup, it's hard to not like this tonkotsu ramen. This tonkotsu ramen is so ridiculously good that you feel like they were aiming for some sort of world’s best ramen award. Apparently, the soup took quite a while to prepare, so only a few bowls have seen the light of day. 



Ramen shops have this feeling that you can't take kids in, don't they? Well, not Ginjo Ramen Kubota. Mr. Kubota himself is a papa to three small kids, so when you show up with a little one, you'll be guaranteed a warm welcome. Ginjo Ramen Kubota even has a kids' chair and will lend you a kids' bowl and fork too!

 This here is my little girl, who's looking rather pleased with the yummy ramen! (and boy can she eat..,)

▼Mr. Kubota’s Twitter

A comment from the staff
The exclusive dishes are either seasonal or depend on the restaurant and available ingredients. So there’s a big probability that you won’t be able to try them when you go. If you want to 100 percent try a limited time ramen, then keep an eye on Mr. Kubota’s Twitter and blog. As a side note, although I've been to Kubota over 100 times, I think that I've barely seen even 20% of Mr. Kubota's potential. With hot summers and cold winters, Kyoto is home to four very distinct seasons, and this strongly reflects on food in the city as well. So by going to the same restaurant at various times throughout the year, you're able to see something you wouldn't be able to otherwise. While I think the philosophy of traveling somewhere and trying a bunch of new restaurants in a bunch of new places is all well and good, I also feel that another fun way to enjoy time in a new city is by going to the same restaurant again and again and trying everything that it has to offer.

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