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Vanessa, Erika and Shiho toured the famous bakeries of Kyoto

Sharing Kyoto writers Shiho, Erika, and Vanessa went to the best bakeries in Kyoto find out which one of them had the best bread!
Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Kyoto is as Japanese as it can get, but actually, the people of Kyoto also eat the most bread in Japan! There are many bakeries in Japan, and the quality of bread is very high, so I and two other Sharing Kyoto writers went out to find which one of these bakeries has the best bread. We all chose our favorite, and lastly, we had a picnic by the Kamo River! The weather was great and we had a lot of fun. 

Our members

Our members this time were I, Vanessa and Erika! This time the rules we simple: each of us had to go to the bakery we liked best, and to another one we were interested in but haven’t been to yet. We couldn’t tell each other which bakeries we were going to, so we found out the bakeries each one of us went to only after meeting by the Kamo River! 

the bakery Vanessa chose!

First, the bakery Vanessa chose! 



The first bakery was this stylish bakery with a black and white interior in front of the Kyoto City Hall. 

great selection of bagels

Grandir Oike is famous for their great selection of bagels and their freshly grilled paninis. There are not many bakeries with this many different types of bagels, which is why Vanessa, of course, got some! She also got a croissant, since they seemed to be popular too.

2. KYOTO Bakery Garden

KYOTO Bakery Garden

This bakery is in the basement of the Takashimaya department store, and I hear that Vanessa often comes to this bakery to buy bread! In this wonderland of snacks and sweets, you can find all kinds of things. 

snacks and sweetsso many different types

There are so many different types it is hard to choose… but in the end, Vanessa chose a cream bun and toast! This ends Vanessa’s choices. 



Next, Erika. Erika likes bread with a hard crust and savory pastries, so she went to some very famous bakeries!



You can get to Hanakago in about 5 minutes from subway Karasuma Oike Station. One of the famous Italian restaurants in Kyoto uses bread from Hanakago, so this made Erika expect some great tasting bread! 

This sign is really cute!

This sign is really cute! 

looks really deliciousIt makes one want to try each and every one!

The bread made to go well with wine and cheese looks really delicious. It makes one want to try each and every one! 

painted flower

The bakery with the painted flower on the wall is stylish and cute. Erika decided to get three savory pastries here!



What is this? I have a feeling of déjà vu… Erika went to the same bakery as Vanessa! Erika also likes the bread at Grandir, so she got three more!



Last it is my turn!

1. Walder


First, Walder! This cozy bakery is right by the Teramachi Shopping Street. It looks small, but on weekends they have 100 different types of baked goods on sa! 

Walder’s pastries look so goodcurry bun and a Danish pastry

Walder’s pastries look so good… after thinking for a long time about what to buy; I decided to get a curry bun and a Danish pastry!

2. Artisan'Halles


My second bakery is a bit farther away in Demachiyanagi, close to Kamogawa Shrine. This popular, stylish, elegant bakery looks almost like an art gallery.

the bread looks almost like an artworkThis bakery is so popular

The special thing about this bakery is that the bread looks almost like an artwork! Alas, when I got here it was already afternoon, so there was not much left… This bakery is so popular that they sell out soon, so I recommend you go early! 

Time to find out what we bought! Let’s go to the sunny Kamo River! 

Time to find out

Now it is time to find out what each one of us got! Time to head to the Kamo River!

Kamo river

The weather was good and warm, so there were many people by the river. Some people were also having picnics. For the people of Kyoto the Kamo River is a place of relaxation and leisure. 

How queer!

Now we find out which bakeries we went to, and Erika and Vanessa find out they went to the same bakery! How queer! Everyone seems to be going to the famous bakeries. 

Under the spring sunAll of them were really delicious

Under the spring sun, we had bread and pastries. All of them were really delicious, but we all especially liked the bread of Grandir Oike and Walder! So, some days after this I went and covered these two bakeries for Sharing Kyoto. Those who want to know more should head to the shops page!

This ends my report

This ends my report. One way of enjoying Kyoto like a local is to try the bread of the bakeries of Kyoto and try to find one that you like! 

A comment from the staff
There are many interesting bakeries in Kyoto! No matter whether talking of Japanese red bean paste bread or French bread, there are all kinds of bread in Kyoto, so many that you could spend your trip going to bakeries every day! After buying some bread you can go to have a picnic by the Kamo River and have an unforgettable Kyoto-experience.

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