Feb. 07, 2019 UPDATE

Heaven for drinkers! Liquor Museum in Kyoto offers a great selection of whiskey for you to get tipsy on

A great place to drink in Kyoto! Whiskey from overseas, white and red wine, all for you to enjoy while in Kyoto
Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Many types of drinks for you to choose from! A machiya town house like bar with the walls covered with bottles, like a liquor museum! Great atmosphere! They also have happy hour every day when the drinks are half price, how nice! If you want to drink in Kyoto, what are you waiting for? Go to Liquor Museum! 

On an alley by Karasuma Sanjo, there is an old western-style two-storied building, where you can find Liquor Museum. You might think that this is just a museum about the history of alcohol; but you’d be wrong, it’s actually a real bar! 

machiya-style barOn the walls of the machiya-style bar, you can see countless bottles, so as you step in, you’re sure to be taken back by the number of them! The dizzying number of bottles just adds to the charm of this bar. 


free Wi-FiAfter the staff show you to your seats, you will see the signs for happy hour. Every day, from 2 pm to 8 pm, all the drinks are half price! You aren’t dreaming! They also have free Wi-Fi, so this is the perfect place for those who can’t say no to a pint or a glass of whiskey! 

*During happy hour there is an entrance fee of 500 yen, so it’s worth it if you drink two or more glasses. 


whiskeyFor Vanessa, as she normally drinks beer, white and red wine, she isn’t that used to whiskey. But the barkeeper recommended Gold Tassel from Canada to her, and she had it as a high ball, and she found it rather pleasant. 


Japanese whiskeyThey also have Japanese whiskey! On the left: Suntory Royal with water. On the right: Nikka’s (Hokkaido) G&G on the rocks to truly appreciate the taste. 


matcha smoothieHow could I not try their matcha smoothie, as we are in Kyoto after all? Like you can see from the picture, it was almost a sundae; it had whipped cream and red bean paste. Although it contains alcohol, it isn’t that strong, and feels more like a dessert: a very special drink! 


snacksWhen drinking, you need to also have snacks! Vanessa’s favorite snack is edamame, and you can get these green beans here at Liquor Museum too. Their slight saltiness goes perfectly with a drink. 


sandwichAs it was time for dinner, so we ordered a sandwich. It sandwiches a Hamburg steak made from meat bought from the famous BBQ restaurant Hiro, and it’s juicy and delicious, and when eaten together with the crispy toast it becomes a treat to remember. 


grilled chickenVanessa also likes this dish, grilled chicken neck meat with green onion and salt, and it should be quite healthy, so she had quite a few bites. Vanessa is really looking forward to having this dish again! 


white wineAfter drinking and eating a lot, it’s time for some white wine and cheese! (You can never have enough wine)


crackers topped with camembert cheeseThe classic thing to have with wine: crackers topped with camembert cheese, but with a twist! The cheese is seared with a burner! This adds to the fragrance and taste of the cheese, so could there be anything better than this? 

VanessaI drank a lot in just one night here, many drinks I had never had before, and saw many bottles of whiskey, and ate many tasty snacks. The atmosphere of the bar is especially good, and when you add to this their happy hour, it’s really good value for money! The bar is open until midnight, so if you’re someone looking for something to do at night in Kyoto, consider Liquor Museum! 

A comment from the staff
I was so surprised when I entered this bar! You’re surrounded by bottles, it’s so beautiful, it’s just like a museum! Because I don’t normally drink that much whiskey, I listened to the recommendations of the barkeeper and tried some whiskeys that are easy to drink, and I think it opened the door to the world of whiskey to me (is this a good thing?). The simple snacks and foods were nice. The atmosphere and food are great and their happy hour even better, so this place is sure worth a visit!

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