May. 27, 2019 UPDATE

Minamiza Theatre Opening & OSK Nippon Revue Company/Sakura Wars Press Conference!

The Sharing Kyoto team sat in on the “OSK Nippon Revue Company” press conference for their upcoming July 2019 performances at Kyoto’s Minamiza Theatre.
Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Those living overseas may not be too familiar with Japanese theatre, but the performances of the flamboyantly brilliant “OSK Nippon Revue Company” are simply incredible and more than enough to impress even the biggest fans of theatre.

The Sharing Kyoto team received a gracious invite from the Minamiza theatre, in Kyoto’s Gion district, to attend a press conference for the OSK Nippon Revue Company.

The press conference was for their upcoming “OSK SAKURA REVUE” and Minamiza’s first ever night revue, the “OSK SAKURA NIGHT,” which is to have both day and night performances.

This was my first ever press conference, so I was a little nervous, but it ended up being an incredibly exciting experience.

performersThe performers, with their beautiful glittery and gaudy outfits, hair, and makeup, first greeted the press.

It felt so strange having such famous performers right there in front of you!


OSK SAKURA REVUEThe “OSK SAKURA REVUE”—which is being held to commemorate the opening of Minamiza’s new theatre—has been split into two parts.

The first part being the opera “Kaijin Beso,” meaning “Villa of the sea god.”

The second part is the opera “STORM of APPLAUSE.”

“Kaijin Beso” is a love story about a young nobleman from an underwater palace who falls in love with a girl from the surface. OSK Nippon Revue Company’s songs and dances, together with several well-known compositions, are sure to invite you on a trip to a fantasy world the likes of which you’ve never seen before.  

The second part, “STORM of APPLAUSE,” is a fabulous revue based on the theme of “Applause” to celebrate a new chapter for the revue company.


vanessa “OSK SAKURA NIGHT” is an opera featuring the voice actors from the wildly popular video game “Sakura Wars” appearing alongside the performers of the OSK Nippon Revue Company. Together they hit the stage to sing, dance and perform the most popular songs from both the OSK Nippon Revue Company and Sakura Wars. Truly a collaboration one could only dream of.

smileA smile filled end to the press conference.

Check below for performance details. 


Kaijin Beso & STORM of APPLAUSE

Dates: 13/07 ~ 25/07


  Morning Times: 11:00~

  Afternoon Times: 15:00~

Admission Fee: 

  First-class: ¥8,500 (Inc. Tax)

  Second-class: ¥4,500 (Inc. Tax)


  Eng: Kyoto Minamiza, Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, 198 Shijo Dori  

  Jpn: 京都南座 〒605-0075 京都市東山区四条大橋東詰 


Dates: 13/07 ~ 24/07

Times: 19:30~

Admission Fee:

  First-class: ¥6,500 (Inc. Tax)

  Second-class: ¥3,000 (Inc. Tax)

・Ticket Information

  Telephone: 0570-000-489(10:00~18:00)


A comment from the staff
Back home in Taiwan, I would occasionally go to the theatre, but since coming to Japan, I haven’t actually yet had the chance to go to a performance myself. Thanks to this press conference, my interest in Japanese theatre really peaked. I think the visceral feeling of live theatre, with all the music and the dancing, is simply fantastic, so this summer when I visit the theatre for myself, I hope to let you all know how it was!

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