May. 23, 2019 UPDATE

Checking out Kyoto Minamiza’s limited-time event “Mirai Matsuri 2019”

After hearing a rumor the landmark of Kyoto’s Gion area, the magnificent Kyoto Minamiza Kabuki theatre was holding what looked like an incredibly interesting event, we had to go check it out for ourselves.
Miyabi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

After looking it up before heading out, we found out that Minamiza are holding what they call their “Mirai Matsuri”—literally translating to “Future Festival”—until Saturday the 25th of May.

This Mirai Matsuri has been split into the day festival, or “Hiru Matsuri” and the night festival, “Yoru Matsuri.”

In this blog we’re going to show you all about our experience at Minamiza’s very colorful and very improbable event.

For more information on the event, check out the Kyoto Mirai Matsuri homepage at

That building that sits right next to the Keihan “Gion Shijo Station” majestically shinning over the intersection is Kyoto’s “Minamiza” Kabuki theatre.

Let’s go check out what’s inside!

floor mapAt the entrance, you can get a floor map from one of the staff.

Impressively, they’ve got English, Korean, simplified and traditional Chinese options available.

Time to see where the party’s at.

Kabuki theatreatmosphere of the placeHeavy base filled beats bounce off the floor, and colorful lights flicker as people dance the night away, a sprawling scene that’ll have you wondering if this is really Kyoto’s famous Kabuki theatre.

As I was standing, blown away by the atmosphere of the place, a staff member came over and kindly asked me, “Do you want to come and play?”

After taking her lead, she tells me “Stick your face in here,” so I did, I stuck my face into what looked like a cardboard cutout with the face cutout.

maskTo my surprise, I’d been turned into a mask to be sold at a festival stall! How cool!

After getting the camera back from her and checking the photos, I saw that in some of te photos I was surrounded by different pictures.

projection mapping“Ah, I see what they’ve done here.” 

They use projection mapping to change the pictures that show up on the boards.

We heard that, in addition, there were Japanese Ennichi festival games you could play for free too, like target shooting and balloon fishing, so we had to try them out for ourselves.

The first one we tried was “Hyper Shateki,” or hyper shooting gallery.

you hold your hand out like a gunAfter putting on a ring with a button on it, you hold your hand out like a gun. You’ll then see a marker show up, and all you have to do now is set your sights on the thing you want to shoot down and…BANG! 

Direct hit“Direct hit! Yay a candy apple!” 

In total, you get three shots, but my last two shots ended up just bouncing off the target. Through projection mapping, the targets contiously move, so it’s actually a pretty hard shooting gallery.

For anyone wondering exactly what we’re talking about, definitely go and give it a shot for yourself.

Next, “Balloon Fishing”

Ennichi festivalsBalloon fishing is a classic game at Japanese Ennichi festivals. Using a fishing line made out of paper, you try to fish the balloons out of the water.

The fishing line has a special machine attached to it that when submerged, changes the images that are being projected onto the water.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to fish out any of the balloons (This one’s actually pretty tough too).

After getting our full of the festival games, we were feeling a little hungry. We looked around and saw some food stalls, so we thought it was time for some food!

Everything is paid for with tickets, so first, we went to get ourselves some tickets. 

Grilled Wagyu Roast Beefticket So cool and oh so trendy! Each ticket features a wonderful colorful design of a Kumadori, the Kabuki stage makeup, and can be purchased from ¥100. 

Food prices are written on the food and drinks pamphlet you can get at the entrance, so we went ahead and got just enough for what we wanted.


The first place we headed to was “LUDENS” for their “Grilled Wagyu Roast Beef” (¥900 Inc. Tax).

wagyu roast beef “It looks so good!!”

I think everyone can agree that getting wagyu roast beef from a food stall is just a little over the top.

LUDENS graciously sear the roast beef right in front of you, so you can enjoy it while it’s still piping hot!

“Quick, before it goes cold, I’ve gotta go get a beer!”

We heard they were selling beer on the second floor, so we went and checked it out.

beer“Is that… Is that Kabuki makeup in the beer foam?!”

I only just learned this, but apparently the Kumadori Kabuki stage makeup is meant to represent an exaggeration of muscles and veins and expresses the personality of the character in the play.

“I kinda see it. You learn something new every day, I guess.”

This Premium Malt’s with Kabuki stage makeup printed onto the beer foam is exclusive to Mirai Matsuri, and you can get it for ¥600 Inc. Tax.

Zashiki In the theatre, they have a Japanese style Zashiki seating area where you can sit down to enjoy your food.

It’s an excellent space for those wanting to sit down for a bite to eat and something to drink after getting down on the dance floor. 

JEREMY & JEMIMAH“Wow! It’s so big! It’s like twice the size of my head!”

From the range of flavors on offer, we went for Matcha.

Sharing Kyoto has an article about JEREMY & JEMIMAH, and you can check it out t the link below.


Mirai MatsuriThat was Kyoto’s Mirai Matsuri.

This event will run until Saturday the 25th of May and tickets can be purchased at the door.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, definitely head on by!

A comment from the staff
I’ve lived in Kyoto my entire life, but this was the first time I’d ever been to the famous Minamiza theatre. Recently Minamiza has been holding several super exciting events, such as a Kabuki version of the popular anime “NARUTO” and collaborations with the “OSK Nippon Revue Company,” and the popular game “Sakura Wars.” Kabuki has the image that it’s a little hard to follow, so with these kinds of events, it feels like Minamiza are making an effort to keep up with the times. It also makes me want to take the opportunity and go and finally see a Kabuki play here.

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