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Shiho is going to teach you how to cook traditional Japanese mochi at home!

Sharing Kyoto's writers are going to tell you how you can make mochi rice cakes at home all by yourself!
Erika[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Japanese traditional food, “mochi” is often eaten as sweet at a teahouse. It is as close as we cook it at home as New Year comes close. You can also have it at a shop in Kyoto. At some stores, mochi itself is made by hand, but we cook it more easily at home. Just buy stuff and bake it! As New Year’s coming, we decided to make tasty mochi rice cake by ourselves!


Before cooking, prepare all the need first! Supermarket and convenience store have most of basic ingredients. Japanese confectionery shops also start selling mochi at the end of the year. Many kinds of mochi will jump into your eyes, but today, we bought these!

make 3 kinds of mochi

We are going to make 3 kinds of mochi, Isobe-mochi, mochi with soy sauce and paper seaweed, and abekawa-mochi, mochi with soybean flour, and zenzai, sweet red bean soup with mochi.


Everything is set, now mochi is ready to be baked. There are some ways to toast and we are going to try a bit authentic way with a grill for mochi. The grill can be purchased at 100yen shop or a home improvement store like Tokyu-hands.

Toaster oven, frying pan, microwave are also useful and easy to toast!

Cooking starts!

Cooking starts! The three of Sharing Kyoto members are so excited to begin fun cooking.

stove burner

Put a grill on a stove burner and mochi is next. Toast for a long time with low heat.

It got browed a little

It got browed a little. Turn it over not to get too burned. It takes time but believe that it’s going to be tastier as much as you take time.

they got puffed

About 10 minutes has passed, they got puffed with good brown like in the picture.
Puffing it well brings a feeling of accomplishment.

Dip it into soy sauce

First mochi will be isobe-mochi. Dip it into soy sauce and wrap it with paper seaweed.

Isobe-mochi is here!

Isobe-mochi is here!

It smells roasted rice cake. It is also good with Japanese chili pepper or Japanese pepper optionally.


Crispy outside, soft inside, yummy! Maybe it tastes better as we prepared by ourselves.


Shiho is having a bite. It is unexpectedly big and filling.

We are feeling like something sweet after salty one.


So, abekawa-mochi comes next. Mochi with soybean flour is loved all over Japan! We actually bought two kinds of mochi in shape, square and round one. The latter is for this.

Just like a baseball!

The same way as square mochi, but it puffs more than expected! Just like a baseball!

it is boiled

Before sifting soybean flour and sugar, wet it because dried mochi doesn’t get stuck.

Depending on home, it is boiled, softened by microwave or some other ways.

cover it with soybean flour

After soaking mochi, cover it with soybean flour. You can arrange the amount of flour! It is great you can put as much as you like, feel a bit special!

Here is abekawa-mochi!

Here is abekawa-mochi!

A lot of flour looks delicious! Finishing sugar shimmers.



Yoko and Erika are eating soft rice cake with just the right sweet of soybean flour! Look at how it stretches!

The third is warm and relaxing zenzai. It is also has some methods to cook, but the easiest one is buying a can or a retort pouch of red beans.

Heat it up with hot water and let mochi dive into a bowl.


Mellow beans and nicely sweet soup go well with mochi. A must-eat dish in cold winter!

We are very full as we had 3 kinds of mochi.

We are very full as we had 3 kinds of mochi.

In japan, mochi is something we can feel season since it is displayed at a shop in winter.

It is also good to eat out but sometimes fun to cook and have it with your friend. It is a great time.

Relax with a cup of hot tea.

Relax with a cup of hot tea.

As we repeatedly say, the good point of mochi is easy to cook at home. We have introduced only 3 different flavored mochi, but there are a lot more. Why not try them?

A comment from the staff
It was fun! I roasted the mochi on a grill with other girls, and waited for the time it got plumped up. The moment gave me a wordless sense of achievement and inspiration! A grill highlights mochi’s softness and savor. As no many preparations are necessary and casual, you must try it!

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