Jul. 12, 2018 UPDATE

We went to the One Piece exhibition at Daikaku-ji Temple

The One Piece exhibition taking place at Daikaku-ji Temple in October 2017 is a true must-see in Kyoto!
Sampo[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

We’ve had 20 years of One Piece, and for this reason there’s a special event going on in Kyoto. We have this One Piece art exhibition at Daikaku-ji, but there’s also a One Piece stamp rally that takes you all over Kyoto. This exhibition is truly a unique chance to get to see the One Piece characters in the midst of the historic sights of Kyoto. The exhibition is open until October 22, 2017. 

Daikaku-ji Temple is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto, in part because of status as a temple with connections with the imperial family. For generations, the chief priests at the temple came from the imperial family. 

The importance of this temple can be seen from how big it is; it even has its own pond! And this time this huge temple is all covered with One Piece characters. 

There’s actually a story in this exhibition.The start of the story is this panel reading Nue, a Japanese monster, and then continues as you go on. 

Here you can see another Devil Fruit that turns men into monsters. Almost like with Luffy, although he didn’t turn into a monster. 

Well, you have to try everything. 

And so, our heroes arrive in Kyoto! The artwork is in the traditional Japanese style, and it’s interesting to follow the changes in the artwork as the story progresses. 

Here you see Prince Lark with the princess. But oh no, the princess is kidnapped by the Nue-monster! 

Next you should go see the rock garden of the temple, which has been transformed into a scene from the manga. The size of it is really jaw-dropping. 

You also get to see One Piece flags with all your favorite characters on them. Mine’s Brook. 

The story goes on, and the Nue transforms into this huge flaming beast! But, now his going to fight together with Luffy. But that’s enough of the story, as I don’t want to give away too much. If you are reading this before October 22, you still have time to go! October 22 is the last day you can see this story at the temple, so be sure to go there and read it if you happen to be in Kyoto. 

They also sell One Piece protective amulets. An amulet with the power of Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and the others has to be incredibly powerful! 


So that’s all from Daikaku-ji and One Piece for this time. We’re looking forward to more events like this in Kyoto! 

A comment from the staff
Daikaku-ji Temple is a place that’s always worth going to, but during this event, it’s a place you can’t miss in Kyoto. The story was so interesting that I almost forgot to take a good look at the temple garden. The story really felt like a normal episode of One Piece which was quite incredible. This is why I had to get both the One Piece temple stamp for my “goshuincho” and a One Piece amulet! I want to go again!

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