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A battle of pancakes: where can you get the best pancake in Kyoto?

Pancakes are hot in Kyoto right now, Kyoto is no longer only about matcha, so come take a look at the hottest pancakes in Kyoto!
Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Lately, in Taiwan as well as Japan, pancakes have been gathering momentum. There are all kinds of pancakes for those with an aching sweet tooth: thin and thick pancakes, of every taste. There are many pancake cafes in Kyoto, but I like thick pancakes more, so I decided to find out which café has the best thick pancakes in this city! (Forget about calories and diets, it’s time to have some yummy pancakes!)

This was Vanessa’s take on the pancake scene in Kyoto! 

§ Kyoto main store of Yukinoshita §


On the second floor of this old, machiya style town house, you can find the café called Yukinoshita. Once you enter the café you are right away hit by the pleasant smell of butter. 


On the pancake, there is honey with a little bit of lemon on it, and this combined with the slightly salty taste of the butter makes the pancake taste fresh, not at all too oily. The pancake itself is a little bit firm but still very moist. It’s hard to believe that a simple pancake can taste this good, and this is the reason why I have been to this café three times already! Right now, this is the pancake I like the




Waiting time: around 25 minutes (time it takes to make the pancake. If you go early there are no lines). 

§ Gram Kyoto Nishiki café §

Gram Kyoto Nishiki café

This pancake place is the vogue among Taiwanese bloggers right now, and there is always a line of tourists in front of their café in Kawaramachi, but I, Vanessa, went to the one behind the department store Daimaru, and as a hint, there were not as many people! 


thick pancakes a day

They only have 60 portions of these fluffy, thick pancakes a day, and I always fall victim to the words “limited amount,” and have to join the line. 

After the waitress brings this to your table, you can see the hugeness of this three-layered pancake tower; it is so soft you can see it swaying. The texture of it is somewhere between marshmallow and cake, and it is topped with a mix of butter and cheese, and by it, there is whipped cream, so this is the perfect pancake for those who like dairy products. 




Waiting time: around 30 minutes (time it takes to make the pancake, you shouldn’t need to line).

§ Shiawase Pancake (Happy Pancakes) §

Shiawase Pancake

Seeing the pictures of fluffy pancakes on the sign, how they look so fluffy in white, I didn’t need to think; I had to line. 

matcha pancake 

Their Kyoto café has something you can only get here: a limited edition matcha pancake! (Did I already say I’m weak to things that have the word limited before them?) The fragrance of matcha is not so strong with these pancakes, like often with things that taste of matcha, and the ice cream –like a brown ball on the pancake is actually red bean cream. When you pour the kuromitsu, black sugar syrup, on top, it will make the pancake even more fragrant. So, taste this pancake, and taste a bite of Kyoto! 

great breakfast 

It’s not often that you see savory pancakes, and because it was breakfast time, I decided to try some. The pancakes are made using whole wheat flour, and there seems to be some graham flour in them too, and they make for a great breakfast with the combination of the salmon and avocado tasting very creamy. This is a balanced and healthy breakfast. 




Waiting time: around 40 minutes (time it takes to make the pancake plus the time you need to line).

A comment from the staff
When it comes to afternoon tea in Kyoto, the two classics are of course matcha parfaits and Japanese sweets, but recently pancakes have been getting more and more popular. Especially women seem to love the cute pancakes. Every pancake café has their own taste and take on pancakes, so the next time you come to Kyoto, how about having a hot pancake?

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