Jun. 27, 2019 UPDATE

Awesome Lunches – Italian Edition

Another Awesome Lunch, this time on a Friday. With this week's theme being Italian, we made our way to the Kyoto/Italian fusion that is Robinson Karasuma.
Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

I'd been eyeing up this place for a long time, so decided to use our Awesome Lunches series as an opportunity to take the Sharing Kyoto writers and finally check it out.

Enjoying delicious food at a chic Italian restaurant in a traditional Kyoto townhouse, what more could we want? 

It was a little rainy that day, but we were still all super excited!

And not just because we all got to have lunch together, but because it was also Friday! (Nearly the weekend! Yay!).

Located in the Shijokarasuma area, the restaurant “Robinson Karasuma” is an incredibly popular Italian restaurant that has made numerous magazine appearances.


menuIt was already 1 o’clock, so we were all hanging out for something to eat.

The photo above is of us all looking excitedly at the menu, especially the bread-loving Sakurako.


breaddifferent varieties of breadAt Robinson, there’s all you can eat bread, which includes ten different varieties of bread! 

The super yummy looking and even better smelling bread is brought right to your table.

With options like salty buns, curry buns and even “Melon Bread,” Sakurako and Shin were goners when it came time to choose.


Let’s dig in!Let’s dig in!

Hot out of the oven, the bread was crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and downright delicious!

The cold, creamy pumpkin soup did a fantastic job of drawing on the pumpkin’s natural sweetness and was perfect for the appetite-killing summer.  


pasta Finally, the mains arrive. It seems everyone's tastes really differ, huh?

Top Left: Tomato cream sauce pasta with shrimp and Manganji peppers.

The fusion of the astringent tomatoes with the mellown cream sauce made for an exceptional pasta!

Top Right: Scallop and okra (olive) oil pasta.

The great flavors of the ingredients stood out prominently in this light and mild pasta.

Bottom Left: Acqua pazza pan fried Japanese sea bass.

The crispy skin of the pan-fried sea bass smelled delicious, while the meat was tender and juicy.

Bottom Right: Robinson Karasuma’s Puttanesca.

In addition to this pasta featuring anchovies, capers, and olives in a tomato sauce, it also contained peppers, which packed a sensational punch.

Sakurako and ShinSakurako and Shin focusing hard on their meals. 

Everyone enjoyed a nice relaxed lunch together while sharing comments about their meals, such as “The freshly cut pasta is soo good!”, “Ah, I just love tomatoey pasta.”


OkayWe finally managed to finish our meals and were completely stuffed! 

“Okay, now we’ve gotta get back to work for the afternoon!”

Robinson Karasuma had a fantastic atmosphere and was the perfect Japanese/Western fusion. I’ll definitely be bringing friends here again.

A comment from the staff
I constantly hear great things about “Robinson Karasuma,” but even then they still somehow managed to exceed expectations. The atmosphere of the Kyoto townhouse was incredible, and the menu had a ton of options, all in all, I left completely satisfied. I definitely want to go again outside of work, that’s how much I’d recommend this restaurant.

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